5 Ways To Add Style To Your Home Décor

Whether you want a modern or classic interior décor, there are so many ways to add style to your home for that perfect finishing touch. From the furniture you choose to the lighting and accessories around the home, every detail counts! We have compiled 5 ways for you to add style to your home décor, so you can have the interior of your dreams and enjoy spending time in your home. Let’s take a closer look, below.

Use Prints

Today, one of the easiest ways to add style to your décor, is simply by adding large art prints to your walls. Choose the style and colour that works best with the rest of your interior, and add these prints around the house, such as in your bedroom and your living room. You can make them stand out more by even adding them into your bathroom, kitchen and hallway. You can choose how many you have, whether you want to opt for a minimalist feel or a warm feeling for your home décor, prints can certainly do both!

Replace The Flooring

Typically, traditional homes use flooring materials including cement tiles, dark brown wood and grey mosaic, which can make the space appear smaller. Therefore, if you want to add style and make your home décor appear open and bigger, it may be worth replacing the flooring materials with neutral colours. This can include porcelain tiles, wooden flooring, marble and vitrified tiles. This will help to modernise the interior décor of your home.

Lightshades hanging from a ceiling

Carefully Choose Your Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of adding style to your interior décor and there are a number of ways you can use lighting to create atmosphere in your home. Firstly, you need to make a lighting plan to ensure that the lighting will tackle the essentials, for example think about what activities take place in each room, including eating, working and relaxing.

You can take a layered approach to your lighting, by using different light sources to create interested and ambience in a room. It can also alter the shape and size of a room. Uplighting can help to make a room appear larger, as opposed to low hung pendants that will make large rooms feel cosier.

Consider Reupholstering The Furniture

Add style to your home décor by opting to upholster your old sofas and furniture around the property in coloured prints that match the rest of your interior. When doing this you can add tassels frills for texture too. To modernise the appearance of your furniture, use fabrics that have block colours, geometric patterns or linear striped patterns.

A stylish sofa in a modern living room

Display Stuff In Threes

The rule of three is used in styling and decorating, as displaying a trio of objects seems to be visually appealing. You can start this idea small by testing objects on a table in the corner of a room, then apply it to bigger objects around the house. It’s important that you don’t overdo it, as this will ruin the effect.

Hopefully these 5 ways to add style to your home décor will give you some inspiration to create interior design that you are proud of and want to spend time in.

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