Yes, A Cheap Night Out in the West End is Possible

If you’re planning a touristy trip to London, you’ll naturally be drawn to the bright lights and world-class attractions of the West End. The white-hot center of British and European theatre, as well as a hub for fine dining and shopping with an illustrious history, the West End is an essential stop on any tour of the British capital.

However, this is one area that does not have a reputation for being budget-friendly. Hotel prices in the West End are among the most expensive in the city, with room rates averaging close to £300 a night. However, with a little bit of savvy, you can enjoy the best experiences that the West End has to offer without breaking the bank. Here’s how you can have a cheap and fabulous night on the West End.

Book shows strategically

We all know the main attraction on the West End is the theatre. Whether you want to tap your feet to Billiot Elliot or defy gravity at Wicked, you do not need to drop a couple of hundred pounds on tickets. All you need to do is be strategic with your booking.

See a show in the daytime or early afternoon can be up to 70% cheaper than the evening show. Meanwhile, standing tickets are available at most West End venues from £5 a pop. You can also use a certified reseller service such as FromTheBoxOffice, which re-sells unused and last-minute tickets for a fraction of the sticker price.

Eat smart

We all love dinner and a show, but what about trying a show and dinner? While pre-theatre meals in the West End will easily ring you up more than £100 for two without wine, you can find much more reasonable price tags if you opt for the post-show meal.

The same set menus exist at all of the biggest pre-theatre eateries such as Bocca di Lupo, The Wolseley, and The Ivy if you decide to go after 9 pm. The only difference is that you will pay as much as 50% less for the same food.

Plan your casino visit in advance

For those looking for a more raucous evening on the West End, a visit to the iconic Hippodrome Casino is an absolute must. The palatial building has been a nightlife fixture on the West End for more than 120 years and comes complete with slots, gaming tables, a brasserie, and a rooftop bar with stunning views of central London.

While the Hippodrome is something of a ritzier venue, there is no shortage of ways to save money on the experience. The venue regularly issues coupons via popular sites such as Groupon and DealsCove for money off drinks, meals, and entertainment.

In addition, the casino has also launched a digital gambling platform for those looking to try the Hippodrome experience online. You can experience the best casino in London from the comfort of your home for free by claiming their welcome offer, which entitles first-time users to up to £50 worth of free slots and table games. Not too shabby.

With these money-saving tips, you can enjoy an unforgettable evening on the West End that doesn’t break the bank.

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