7k Metals Reviews Scam or Legit Company?

A great approach to save money at 7k Metals is to join their membership program. The basic membership and the more expensive one are the two membership tiers that are offered.

Key Points

  • 7k Metals offers two membership tiers: basic and premium, with fees of $250 and $500 respectively, providing discounts on products and potential commissions on referrals.
  • Membership is restricted to U.S. citizens residing in the U.S.; upon joining, members choose a starter pack and can opt for monthly deliveries of gold or silver using the AutoSaver coin feature.
  • The platform operates as a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) system, where members can earn by enlisting new participants and by selling goods, with the emphasis on recruiting for higher earnings.
  • Members can also become 7k dealers, buying goods at wholesale prices and selling at retail, earning from the sales they facilitate.
  • 7K Metals maintains a reputation for consistent customer service, offering genuine metal products, and has shown no evidence of fraudulent activity.

Fundamental Participation

If you qualify as a basic member, you are entitled to price breaks on products as well as discounts when buying in bulk and precious metals. The basic membership has a $250 yearly fee attached to it. Additionally, you have the option of joining the 7k network and collecting commissions on the sales made by the clients you bring on board.

The price of cards for travel varies depending on the customer’s chosen membership package.

Basic members must pay a $250 membership fee, while premium members must pay a $500 membership fee. Travelers are liable for repaying travel card fees in addition to their initial membership fees.

Purchasing precious metals will not always result in a profit, even with subscriptions. All of the up-front expenses that were discovered are being disclosed to you as part of the 7k Metals review which has been posted in its entirety for transparency.  After choosing the investment opportunity of 7K Metals, you will still need to put in some work if you want to watch your money increase and generate a profit.

How Does the Membership Procedure Operate?

Participation in 7k Metals is only open to people who reside in the United States.

As long as you’re a United States citizen, it is relatively quick and easy to sign up for and create an account. You are able to sign up for a membership on the 7k Metals website. You can log in after finishing the registration process to start looking through discounted items.

The first thing you should do after joining 7K Metals is select a starter pack. When ordering starting packs, customers have a choice between three different options, each of which has a slightly different price. Try to select options that take into account both your long-term objectives and your current financial circumstances.

You will be given the choice to receive monthly deliveries of your assets after selecting the initial bundle.You can invest your money by purchasing either silver or gold. For the transaction to be completed, an AutoSaver coin is required.


A small gold bar on top of a presentation box

This functionality allows automatic completion of monthly transactions, which streamlines the process overall. You do not need to regularly check the market or verify the sales you have helped to broker with the AutoSaver coin feature, as it will track all of your potential sales transactions for you. 

Depending on whether you are happy with the present price of precious metals, you can either sell them at a higher price or save them for future use. Members of 7K Metals’ Premium tier get access to special offers and reductions provided by independent precious metals dealers. 

Even Americans who live abroad should not choose this decision since they are not citizens of the United States. Members must not only be citizens of the United States but also hold an American address in order to open a business account.

7K Metals uses a straightforward binary framework to identify as well as reward its most committed participants. Commissions on sales generated by new recruits that members bring in are available. Through the purchase of subscriptions at 7k Metals, clients have the chance to sign up as 7k dealers along with earning commissions on transactions made by additional 7k Metals customers.

The company will grant you access to a number of benefits in return for the annual fee, including price breaks on merchandise and services or marketing workshops. Additionally, you might take part in marketing campaigns run by the business and earn a portion of the revenue generated by the sales you help to drive.

You will receive a special link when you sign up for 7k Metals, which you can share with other people to persuade them to do the same. People who sign up through your referral link are added to your downline, and you receive a cut of the dues and sales they make. Your potential earnings grow proportionally as more people are drawn to you.

Directly Market Your Products to Buyers

From the wide choice that 7k Metals offers, you can pick to sell a number of items including jewelry, coins, or bars. You will be able to get a payment in commissions (https://www.dol.gov/general/topic/wages/commissions) for each item you sell. Bear in mind that you will also be encouraged to convince your buyers to begin selling after obtaining their own membership with the company. 

That is the fundamental basis of an MLM, and it is absolutely the format that is used in this particular company model. Do not expect to earn the large commissions and bonuses promised unless you’re selling while also bringing other people on board to sell as well. 

Shaking hands on a financial agreement

Establish a Reputation as a 7k Metals Dealer

You are given the option of becoming a dealer, giving you access to goods purchased at wholesale prices that you may later sell to customers for retail prices. You will also get compensated for the sales of items you helped arrange and close the sale of. This is one of the bonus criteria that is explained in the company literature. 

Multilevel Marketing

MLM participants can make money in two different ways: first, by enlisting new participants; and second, by selling goods to other participants and collecting royalties on those sales. MLM risks include difficulties making money, financial loss, and selling to other participants.

Given that they constantly abide by their claims of lower premium rates for purchasing, there is evidence to support the claim company 7K Metals constitutes a real multilevel marketing business and not a fraud.

They have continually upheld their commitments to provide exceptional customer service, lower premium costs for purchasing gold bars as well as other precious metals, and a multi-level chance for people wishing to work and earn money. As far as metal products, there is no question they deliver your purchases as agreed. 

Additionally, one can quickly check their company profiles and confirm their experience thanks to their web platform. Their trustworthiness is increased by the fact that they have not yet received any findings of fraudulent activity.

Members can enjoy the advantages associated with the 7k Members Participation Plan plus the 7k Affiliate Agreement electronically with other members after they become members. People can feel the strength of valuable metals in bullion, well-known graded coins, gold bars, and more with their unique basic membership. They can also look around the platform’s entire digital space in one location.

This article is for information and educational purposes only and does not form a recommendation to invest or otherwise. The investments referred to in this article may not be suitable for all investors, and if in doubt, an investor should seek advice from a qualified investment adviser.

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