7 Bathroom Renovations

At the beginning of a new year, we tend to look back at the past and think how we could improve our future. This time, you have something very practical and enjoyable on your mind – redecorating your bathroom! We say “enjoyable” because the trend of creating your personal spa is very much present in the coming year, too, so let’s see how we can make it happen with some of the latest bathroom trends for 2019!


While 2018 was all about Nordic minimalism, this year is completely the opposite. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to create a cramped space, however, but it does imply introducing some interesting centrepieces as opposed to everything blending in flawlessly. For instance, you can install an interesting lighting fixture, replace the taps with some antique looking ones, or introduce tiles of an intricate design.

Now, this is not to say that your last year’s efforts are making your bathroom look obsolete. Still, a slight upgrade or two won’t hurt, will they?


This year, just like in 2018, the trend of natural materials continues. Green homes are absolutely in, and so are the bathrooms. See if you can introduce some timber into your private oasis, or perhaps some coloured marble in the form of a new sink, or at least show it through simple details such as a soap dish or a tray. Apart from these, get some greenery into this space. Hopefully, your bathroom has enough natural light – this too never goes out of fashion.


Millennial pink is still very much in, but this time, try to introduce some contrast to it. Different shades of green are going to show you are completely on point with bathroom trends, and you could break the monotony with some charcoal, navy or black fittings.

Round and round

Do you remember the eighties, when everything seemed to be about square and straight lines? Square wash basins, square bathtubs, vanity cases…In the last couple of years, our bathrooms got that sleek and elegant look, so symmetrical and organized. Well, you are still going to achieve that, but you’ll feel like breaking the rules with roundness. A round mirror, circular basins, fixtures with round shapes, or a round standing bath – if it’s round, just bring it in!

A modern ceramic bath

The bath

Not just any bath, the standalone bath, if possible. We are trying to create a spa feeling, and nothing says luxury and indulgence like a gorgeous bath. Whether it’s a modern bath with a great hydro massage system, a free-standing, a corner, or a classical clawfoot bathtub is not too important, as long as you have one. Fortunately, there is a vast choice of baths on the market today, so make sure that you read some helpful tips on how to choose the best bath for your own bathroom.

You will have to think about the dimensions, materials, additional features, fixtures…All in all, you’ll be able to use the advice and your imagination to combine everything so that it suits your relaxing space perfectly.

Smart it up

Smart homes are homes of the future, and the future is now. There are several ways you can make this room “smarter”. You could replace the toilet and install one which has better water saving features, or have motion taps installed. To reduce water consumption and have some fun, purchase the latest shower head. The possibilities are almost endless. Not only do smart showerheads regulate the water waste and its temperature, but with Bluetooth speaker versions you can listen to your favourite tunes while singing and showering!

As well as that, think about floor heating of the latest generation. It switches on and off on its own, depending on the bathroom traffic.

Stylish floor tiles

Terrazzo and tiles

In case you already have a terrazzo floor in your bathroom, you can sit back and relax, since this incredible flooring will never lose its edge. Terrazzo floors are pricey, but they are at the same time beautiful, luxurious, custom-made, and unique, and above all, desirable. What is more, they are extremely durable, so you can be rest assured this is one bathroom renovation you will never regret.

Alternatively, you can decide to replace the flooring with some new tile designs for 2019. If there is one thing that is in common for all those different styles, that would be the pattern. These tiles come in all shapes and sizes, and they can even look like fish scales (remember 2016, when they were the biggest hit) or honeycombs. These colourful, geometric shapes are there to make the space look vibrant and add some dimension, avoiding a boxy look, especially in small spaces.

So, are you ready? Pull up your sleeves, make a plan with your favourites from our list, and get down to creating the 2019 spa experience you deserve!

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