5 Unusual Ways To Invest Your Money

When it comes to investing money you might first consider the obvious places such as an ISA account, buy to let property or the stock market. Instead, let’s take a look at the more unusual ways to invest your hard earned cash:

Investing your money in property

1. High end overseas property

Okay, holiday homes aren’t exactly breaking news when it comes to investing money but have you ever considered buying into community property?
Properties in Vale do Lobo, Portugal are a good example of ones that can generate lucrative interest.

These are properties for those people and holidaymakers who enjoy the finer things in life but if you can afford to purchase and let out one of the luxurious villas built within the resort you could see a substantial return on your investment over time. Click here to take a look at the types of properties available.

2. Lego

Those little bricks can see you enjoy a return on your money, you just need to do your research regarding which sets are best to pick up and sell on for profit. Retired sets make the most money, simply because pristine and unopened boxes of them are in limited supply.

Before you go spending your life savings take a look at what a Lego specialist investor site such as Brickpicker has to say. It’s essentially a purpose built website for Lego investors and can help you value sets and discover what is currently selling well in the world of Lego bricks. If all else fails buy up vintage Star Wars sets, they are always popular in the world of Lego collecting.

3. Barn finds

This might have you scouring eBay listings or peeking in barn windows but classic cars are big money and if you can get your hands on an old rust bucket you could be onto a winner.

What the experts refer to as ‘barn finds’ are the golden eggs of vehicle investment, if someone offers you a rusting old car you should buy it because once it is restored it could increase significantly in value. For example, an Aston Martin DB5 bought for £1,500 and stored in the owner’s barn for 30 years went for £320,700 at auction.

4. Tropical fish

Animals can see you enjoy a huge return on money but specialising in selling and investing in tropical fish could help you enjoy a substantial profit in the long run. Rarer fish can be sold to other buyers for large amounts and you can even order live fish online to be delivered to your door.

5. Sports memorabilia < Investing in memorabilia signed by sporting superstars is another unusual way to grow your money, as you can enjoy a large return when you sell them on at a later date. Research is key when it comes to this investment so that you aren’t left out of pocket when you discover you’ve been sold an item that is not actually as valuable as initially thought. A case of this occurred in the US when a card initially valued at $1,000 to $2,000 was actually worth only $1 because it was not an original.

You can make investments in any number of unusual activities and once you find your niche do your research and enjoy the profit in years to come.

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