5 Easy Ways To Make Some Extra Money

It can be stressful when your income just isn’t covering all your bills let alone allowing you to lead a lifestyle you would like to. You can budget and be careful with your money, sacrificing luxuries for your basic everyday necessities, but sometimes this still isn’t enough and you can’t see any way of getting by without earning more.

Making some extra money

If you are currently trawling the Internet every night after work to find a way to fit a part time job in around your full time job, put the CV down because no one wants to be working 24/7!

Plus, there is no need to when there are ways to make some extra money, all of which can be done easily and quickly in the time you are spending looking for another job.

Clear the Clutter

First of all sort through your belongings.

Our houses tend to be full of things that we don’t need or want anymore, we are all guilty of keeping those items that ‘could come in handy one day’. The fact is they probably never will, but they fill our garages, sheds and lofts when they could easily be transformed into money that could help towards something we really need.

You know what they say – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so use sites such as Freeads that allow you to buy and sell practically anything. From furniture to clothing, you can leave your house looking organised and tidy whilst topping up your bank balance. Plus, as you can post your ad for free there is no cost to you at all!

Get Paid to Shop

We all love going out and shopping, and whilst we do we instinctively make judgements on the service and experiences we have had. So why not get paid to voice these opinions?

Mystery shopping is fun, rewarding, not too time consuming and will offer up varied assignments.

Most importantly not only are you getting paid for doing things you probably already enjoy doing, the experience of eating in a new restaurant or staying in a fancy hotel is free! Perfect to add some luxuries back into your life without any expense to you.

Be Your Own Boss

Why work your fingers to the bone scrubbing toilets in your spare time, when you could make a bit of extra money on the side from your own home?

We all have skills and talents so put them to good use. This could be through lessons such as piano, languages or maths. School kids are often looking for a bit of extra help; if you are passionate about a subject you could be their perfect solution.

If teaching isn’t your thing there are plenty of other options available, such as dog walking, babysitting or gardening.

Become an Extra

Do you fancy yourself standing on a stall in Eastenders or dancing in the back of One Direction’s new music video? You don’t have to be a trained actor or dancer to rub shoulders with the stars.

By appearing in the background of a film, TV show, advert or music video you could earn yourself some money whilst having lots of fun! Many A-list celebs such as Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Sylvester Stallone started off as extras, so it could be the start of a new career path for you!

Review Music

Budding music moguls can put their music knowledge to good use on soundout.com – this website will pay you to review unsigned bands.

You will get 5p per review, which may not seem much but can quickly add up, and it’s easy! Listen to a track, rate it and write a review. The more reviews you write the more you can charge.

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