5 Things to Check With a Thatch Insurance Policy

Delving into a thatch insurance policy, which is not the same as standard home insurance, we look at 5 key things homeowners should check and be aware of.

What Is A Collateral Loan? (Payday Bad Credit)

Collateral loans allow people to obtain large amounts of money even with a bad credit score. The lender accepts that your collateral has value and can repossess this should you be unable to repay.

How lease restructuring works

We look at how lease restructuring works and how it may be in your best interests to look further into it, as it could reduce your rent payments.

How Does A Guarantor Loan Work?

A guarantor loan is a personal loan commonly used by those with poor or limited credit history. When an individual has been turned down by mainstream lenders, they can use a guarantor, someone they know and trust to "co-sign" their loan agreement.

How To Use Comparison Sites Effectively

Price and services comparison websites can save your money, but there are things to consider when using these sites as they are there to make money from your activities.