Pawn Shops  – Borrowing Against and Selling luxury Jewellery and Watches

There are several different ways in which you can release the value held in luxury jewellery and watches. However, some routes to market – such as auction or private sale – can be long-drawn out and less secure than others.

If you have pieces of luxury jewellery, including pendants, rings and bracelets, or watches, especially from high end Swiss manufacturers, there are two quick and easy ways to release value quickly, working with trusted specialists that will be able to give you a transparent and market-matched price for your pieces.

Key Points

  • Releasing value from luxury jewellery and watches can be expedited through pawnbroking loans, which provide quick access to funds without impacting credit scores.
  • Suttons and Robertsons offer a straightforward pawnbroking process, where your luxury items are valued and can serve as collateral for a loan that could be in your account within 24 hours.
  • Besides pawnbroking, the company also buys preowned luxury items, offering a quick way to convert valuable assets into cash for various needs, such as bridging loans or business cash flow.
  • The valuation process considers various factors, including brand reputation, rarity, and condition, with brands like Rolex and Omega often retaining their value exceptionally well.
Diamond luxury jewellery and watches can be used as loan collateral at Pawnbrokers

How do you Borrow Against a Watch at a Pawn Shop?

Borrowing against a luxury watch or piece of jewellery is worth exploring. As well as allowing you to access the funds held within your investment, you’ll be taking a pawnbroking loan secure against your piece and you will be able to redeem your piece at the completion of your loan period and repayment.

Pawnbroking is short-term borrowing that is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Suttons and Robertsons has been offering pawnbroking loans for over 250 years and is a well-known and respected pawnbroker.

Offering loans against luxury assets, such as watches and high-end jewellery, you can either visit us in store or work with us online. 

The pawnbroking process is straightforward. Your asset will be valued with an offer made. Once the fixed loan term has been agreed and signed, we will securely hold the asset as security against your loan.

The loan amount could be in your account within 24 hours. Loan terms are often set at six months and you can always opt not to repay the loan. In these instances, the pawnbroker retains the item. This agreement is between pawnbroker and client and won’t impact any credit scores or require credit checks.

Releasing the Value in Your Jewellery Collection

As well as pawnbroking loans, Suttons and Robertsons also buy preowned jewellery and watches and advise that it is a simple and straightforward process. Working with our clients, we help them to release the value held in their luxury items for many reasons, but what sets us aside from other sales options is the speed at which we can make a loan.

From bridging loans to school fees top ups and cash flow issues for small business owners, we help turn valuable investments into cash quickly. 

Getting a valuation is straightforward. Simply visit us online or in-store for a no-obligation valuation of your pieces. Our experts utilise their in-depth knowledge of luxury brands, such as Rolex, Omega, Boodles and Tiffany, alongside recent market performance, during valuation.

In addition, they will look at the condition and consider the provenance of the piece. Once an offer has been made for the piece, the funds can be in your bank account in under 24 hours.

Four preowned luxury watches

Securing the Best Valuation for Your Watch or Jewellery

When it comes to releasing the value held in your luxury watches or jewellery, the first thing to consider is the brand. As with the original purchase, some brands are more highly priced than others. Some brands also hold their value extremely well, due to the interest in the brand.

Rolex and Omega are very good examples of luxury watch brands that retain their value. Other pieces can secure a high valuation because they are rare or vintage, with some collections from brand, like Cartier and Tiffany, securing higher valuations.

With luxury watch brands, rare models and serial numbers can raise a valuation as they are in high demand from collectors. 

The condition of your piece is also critical to its value. Scratch-free watch crystals and secure clasps on necklaces and jewellery are important to its valuation. Watches that are in superb working condition can secure a higher valuation than those with obvious wear and tear.

Authenticating the piece is an essential part of the valuation process, whether you are seeking a pawnbroking loan or selling preowned jewellery and watches. For watches, regular and documented servicing can be demonstrated with paperwork.

This will support your valuation, as will ensuring that you include the original box and certificate of authentication with any piece of jewellery or luxury watch for valuation.