The hidden costs of buy to let investments

The buy to let market presents an opportunity that seems too good to miss - whilst your property is appreciating nicely, your tenants are, in effect, buying it for you. But beware the hidden costs involved in buy to let investments.

Should I convert my car to LPG?

Road tax, congestion and parking charges are starting to be increased for owners of gas guzzling cars, so is now the right time to convert your vehicle to LPG?

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How to Release the Equity in Your House

House prices continue to rise so how can you use the extra value in your house to raise some money? Equity mortgages and loans may be the answer.

Do You Trust Your Bank?

Do you trust your bank? A major UK high street bank was shown to be using tactics that are illegal in consumer law by an undercover journalist. Tough sales targets drive pressurised staff to lie and deceive to win business. And then there are the unfair bank charges.