Its 2015 Don’t Take a Risk and Trade with Business Insurance

Your business is an investment that may have some risks. It is, in fact, virtually impossible to eliminate all possible risks from your business. The right insurance, at a proper price, helps moderate the risks for your enterprise, especially financial risks linked to unexpected occurrences

Contracting in the UK: All About Insurance

When you run a contracting business, you need to deal with the risk of litigation. Some insurance for contractors is a legal requirement, others are a good idea. Here are some to consider.

Five Ways to Reduce Your Pick-up Truck Premiums

Soaring insurance premiums have affected people from all walks of life over recent years, from younger and older motorists through to drivers that use vehicles for business. No matter what sort of vehicle you drive for business – whether it is a car, a van or a commercial truck – you will find that the cost of premiums can be crippling unless you take the time to try and reduce these costs.

How Can You Get the Best Professional Indemnity Insurance for You?

Professional indemnity insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides cover for businesses that offer advice and/or professional services – such as solicitors, accountants, management consultants and estate agents. For many of these businesses the securing of professional indemnity insurance – or professional liability insurance which protects against damage to client or their property – is a legal requirement.

Protecting Your Business

In some respects, protecting your business is relatively straightforward. Yet protecting your business may need to be thought about in slightly wider terms if you are to sleep a little bit more easily at night, safe in the knowledge that you have done all you can.