Biggest Sports Events to Include in Your Betting Portfolio

The sports betting market is the largest of its kind, featuring countless famous sporting competitions that any gambler would want to engage in. Many UK online bookmaker sites in particular take it as a strategic move to associate themselves with major sporting events, given the massive viewership and popularity that these events command.

The government and other regulatory bodies have also played a part in these events by formulating and enforcing measures for fair play and consumer protection to enhance the legitimacy and credibility of sports events. 

Soccer supporters in a large stadium

Unfortunately, not all sports events are as profitable as expected, so not all are equally suitable for betting. There are a few underlying factors that may affect the betting value of a given sports event:

  • The prestige and popularity of the event
  • The reliability and availability of statistics and information
  • The competition level and the resulting unpredictability of the outcome
  • The variety and attractiveness of the betting markets and odds

Based on these criteria, we’ve compiled an overview of the most significant sports events you should consider including in your betting portfolio.

FIFA World Cup

The global betting on soccer is estimated to be 70% of all sports betting activities worldwide. That’s not surprising because soccer, best known to many as football, is the most popular sport, with millions of fans and participants worldwide. From the Americas to Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania, people watch and play soccer.

Conducted every four years, the FIFA World Cup is a pioneer sports event featuring 32 national teams that compete for the glory of soccer. Lifting the golden trophy at the end of the final is the dream of many professional players. The last event in 2022 attracted the attention of over 50% of adults in many countries around the globe. Indeed, it proved to be one of the most successful editions of the world’s number-one sports tournament.

In the World Cup, bettors enjoy a wide range of betting opportunities. These include top scorer and outright winner markets, the group and knock-out stage matches, and individual player and team props. Whether you are a casual or recreational bettor, you can find some value and edge from betting well-researched and analyzed World Cup odds. 

Super Bowl

While football is the most dominant sport worldwide, America has a different perception of football, often stemming from the nature and shape of the ball. Unlike the “more traditional” soccer, the National Football League (NFL) and American Football are hailed for supremacy. 

The climax of the American football and NFL season is the Super Bowl, which constitutes the single biggest yearly betting event. It’s more than just football- a cultural phenomenon with enticing prop bets and halftime entertainment. In the 2018 Super Bowl, American betting on Super Bowl events was estimated at $4.5 billion. 

There is a wide range of betting options in the Super Bowl. The variety ranges from the traditional point spread and total markets to the exotic and fun props, such as the first touchdown scorer, the coin toss, the MVP, and the color of the Gatorade shower. You can simply trust your guts with betting on the Super Bowl, or refer to expert handicappers to help you make predictions. 

Horse racing in action

Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is perhaps the most prestigious horse racing event globally. It was founded by William Clark after witnessing thrilling horse races while visiting Europe. Since then, one of the most incredible memories was made in 2022, when approximately 150,000 mint-julep-sipping fans had one of their most outstanding long-shot winners in the history of the Kentucky Derby. 

The 80-1 underdog Rick Strike finished first in the 148th run, resulting in the most wagering in derby history. Anyone who luckily bet on Rich Strike had a $10 wager quickly net to $818. Notably, the Kentucky Derby brings in a $3 million purse. Among the Triple Crown races, none generates as much as the races that go down at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

The Grand National

This is the second-biggest horse racing sport after the Kentucky Derby. It’s one of the most prestigious events, attracting men and women of all ages and nationalities into watching and betting. As a result, it’s one of the richest races, with the winner taking home about half of the £1 million purse.

Unlike regular horse racing in the Kentucky Derby, The Grand National is a 30-hurdle steeplechase, including fences and ditches throughout the race. From 100/1 single pants to office sweepstakes, this event has something for every bettor.

Olympic Games

The Olympic Games constitute another group of spectacular sporting events from various sports and disciplines. These games are held every four years but alternating seasons between summer and winter. They cover sports such as swimming, skiing, basketball, curling, etc. At the head of the events is the International Olympic Committee, established in 1894.

Bettors enjoy an extensive selection of betting markets from the diverse selection of sports under this event. While diversity is an advantage for bettors, home advantage, weather, and altitude often challenge the Olympic Games. For smart bettors, these challenges convert into benefits that help them place winning bets. Unique challenges, such as the emergence of new stars, may pose potential for upsets and surprises for bettors.

A professional tennis tournament


Founded in 1877, Wimbledon is the oldest and perhaps the most prestigious event in tennis history. It’s one of the four Grand Slam tournaments, alongside the French, Australian, and US Open. This event is conducted yearly in late June and early July and is prominent for its grass courts that create fast and unpredictable rallies, favoring serve-and-volley players. 

Like most other sports events, Wimbledon offers a variety of betting options, from individual games and point markets to the match, sets, outright winner, and finalist markets. You can refer to the sector’s betting offering for tennis to get the best deals for betting tennis for Wimbledon and other regular events. 


Sporting events with national and global prominence offer unique opportunities for bettors to capitalize on the excitement and potential profits. It’s ultimately important to stay updated with teams’ news and, importantly, make sure to manage your budget wisely. Be sure to diversify your portfolio with bets across different sports and tournaments. Also, choose to settle on reputable sportsbooks with reputable odds.