Winter Is Here! Make Your Wardrobe Ready for the Chilly Days

The transition from sunny days to chilly evenings is a fun experience for most. It involves a lot of changes in the everyday routine and especially our sartorial choices. The winter is the perfect time to let the fashionista in your subconscious come and play.

Since wardrobe preparations are often based on the region of residence, those living closer to the North Pole have to turn into cream puffs while their friends near the equator have a leisurely time with a thin cardigan ; and the cardigan is all they need for the season! Sometimes, Mother Nature indeed reveals her favourite children!

Since flakes and frost have gained recognition on newspaper headlines, it is time for you to bring out the winter apparel from the back of the closet. If you are especially struggling to figure out a wardrobe that matches contemporary standards while keeping you warm and toasty, then you are in for a treat! Presumably, a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows floating on the rim?
Our team has decided to give you the complete Carrie Bradshaw in the New York winter experience from the safe confines of your home! So, are you ready to look from Vogue?

Preparation guidelines- How to curate the best winter wardrobe?

According to inside resources, the celebrity stylists like to start building winter outfits from the bottom. The preparation begins with a choice of footwear and gradually builds up to the garments for the derriere and then, climbs up to the bosom. Designers tend to choose a star accessory before they build an outfit for a celebrity. This entails browsing through the collections of leather jackets and boots, bags and skirts, to come up with something that stands out.

While this process may seem tedious to the busy, working woman with no style assistances to her aid, there is a simple solution too!

You can pick a few star pieces from your wardrobes, such as corduroy pants, ruched silk skirts, cashmere sweater dresses, and other such things. Once you have a list of cake toppers, then the maintenance of basics is as easy as dressing up in the summer!

Here are a few tips to help you emulate the looks from the ramps of Milan and Paris.

Embrace the joys of layering

Layering is a critical element of the winter wardrobe. It is an art of balancing an outfit from the perspective of contours, warmth, and aesthetic ability. While the description may seem daunting, in reality, it is nothing more than pairing right combinations together.

A model wearing a red coat

Imagine that you have chosen a red plaid coat for the evening but you are not sure about what to pair with it. The first step is to choose what sits next to the skin. If it is a thin cashmere sweater in cream, then you can get a black leather skirt and some black boots to form the ideal combination. Top the outfit with a black Kate Spade and a sheer red scarf.

And voila! You have layered the first outfit to perfection!

Invest in belts- all types of them

Are you scared to repeat the same coats throughout the season? Is the lack of variation in your winter wardrobe leaving you sulky?

If such is your case, then you are not alone! People usually have three to four coats that they repeat on every outfit until the threads are loose and the colour has faded. But does the lack of fancy coats imply a drab wardrobe for the season? Definitely not!

Belts are your best friend for winter! They can be used to cinch your waist and convert anything into a fancy outfit inspired by your favourite celebrities. Whether it is a camel-coloured long coat or a lacy dress with a genuine leather jacket, either combination can win brownie points for style quotient if you put a thick black belt on your waist.

From corsets to broad belts, from one-inch wide options to those wrapped in faux snakeskin, each belt can come in handy when you have nothing sorted out for the day!

Look for high-quality insulation

Insulating innerwear is a lifesaver for all of us who freeze over in temperatures below 60 degrees. Finding a good set of thermal shirt and long jones will help you maintain the warmth even when the weather is trying to test your tolerance.

Wearing thick multi-coloured socks

Thermals made of breathable and light materials are an excellent long-term investment that will help you remain stylish throughout the season. If you are supposed to dress up for a formal event but the dress code does not allow top coats, then who will help you out, if not your trusty thermal underwear?

Choose the thickest socks

Your socks hold power to make or break a day. If you struggle to stay warm, then finding the thickest socks will be the best investment you make for your winter wardrobe. You can look for some of the best socks online through social media ads. They always know what we are looking for!

You can choose cute looking Christmas socks or go overboard with Grandpa socks that were always in your Christmas gifts even you did not like them in the past! Since boots are not always waterproof, the thick material will keep your feet safe from the cold.

Let the boots shine

Speaking of boots, it would help if you remember the role of footwear in your everyday wardrobe. Their significance increases manifold in the winter because of the fight against the weather. It is advised to invest in two pairs of long-lasting weather-proof boots—one for casual wear and the other one to be paired with semi-formal outfits.

These boots will keep your feet safe from moisture and cold, and they will also help you look pristine and pulled together if you maintain them well!

Final Thoughts

Your winter wardrobe preparation is not as daunting as you would have thought! It is just a matter of finding things that work well for you and then reusing them in a subtle rhythm. Remember, your goal is to stay warm while maintaining a style decorum. Don’t let Miranda Priestly freeze you to death!

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