Will Ryanair Standing Room Flights Become A Reality?

Last year Ryanair were in talks with Boeing about ‘standing room only’ space on planes and whils these specific discussions failed it seems Ryanair is back on with this money saving idea.

Is the no frill airline just taking it a tad far with the notion of a ‘no seats’ flight? It seems on the one hand it’s all about saving money and yet on the other making more profit for the company.

I say this as with effect from today Ryanair is upping its prices on check-in luggage. Call me cynical but the rise is for 2 months – just over the school holidays in fact! The price rises from £15 to £20.

Just hope they don’t actually manage to bring in the £1 loo charge as well!

Of course you could always try and avoid the check-in luggage fee. Try taking hand luggage only, if you really can pack fewer clothes and toiletries that is. Perhaps you could try and wear more instead of packing it?

And all this from Ryanair comes hot on the heels of comments by easyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji – Ioannou claiming that the carrier is ‘no longer a low-cost airline’ because of additional charges customers are hit with….what can I say?!

Bottom line, I’m not sure that standing room flights will become a reality but whatever the outcome, sure has created a lot of publicity for Michael O’Leary and his company.


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