Wii Fit Plus and balance board – find the best discounts

The Wii Fit Plus and balance board package is proving highly popular.  Prices are regularly changing so we will show you the best discounts in this article.

wii fit plus with balance boardIt must be the thought of shedding those Christmas pounds in a fun and fulfilling way that is causing so much interest in the Wii fit plus and balance board package.

Nintendo have certainly got it right with this add on to their excellent Wii console. Many people seem to be purchasing this for either themselves or for gifts.

The problem is that as stocks deplete, even the best Internet discounters increase their prices, so if you are set on buying one of these, you’d better act if you see a good deal.

These prices apply as of 5 March 2012.  As we have said, this is much in demand so stocks can vanish off the shelves pretty quickly.

As you can see stocks of the Wii Fit Plus are doing well with the best Wii Fit price with stock available at £69.99  – if you want it, best to act now before things change and stock runs out!


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