Why Should A Half Term Family Holiday Cost So Much More?

I’m outraged to read that the average price of a half term family holiday is 53% or over £1,100 more expensive than a holiday just 2 weeks later.

I guess I knew this to be the case from my own research (and failure to book a half term holiday) but to see it in ‘black and white’ as research findings from Santander makes it all the more annoying.

Why do holiday companies feel they can take advantage and charge such exhorbitant costs during school holidays? I know there’s the economics of supply and demand to consider and the profits of the tour operators to consider, but are these costs really justified?

According to the Santander research, families wishing to travel from London to Lanzarote could face some of the steepest price hikes, with one popular four star resort increasing its prices during half term to a staggering £6,339 from £1,720. This £4,577 price rise is equivalent to 269 per cent.

With the cost of living rising and for those with mortgages or looking to move house facing the worry of imminent interest rate rises, such increases for a well earned holiday seem beyond belief.

Do you agree?

Anyway, for us, it’s a ‘staycation’ this half term…..I’m sure though we’ll have lots of fun, even if, as most likely, rather a lack of sun!!

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