Why Is Andrew Dilnot So Passionate About Reforming The Care System?

The Dilnot Commission urged the government to improve the current care system to ensure those either already receiving care or who are about to hit retirement age, do not have to continually worry that they will be effectively supported.

Andrew Dilnot, the report’s author, is getting frustrated that whilst the government is now holding a consultation into its findings, there is apparent inaction.

He wants ministers to implement reform to address the ‘crazy’ system that currently exists. He believes that the lack of political moves and indeed courage could be given renewed vigour by people writing to their MPs, coupled with a media campaign.

This is a very topical subject and emotional at that.

Further to her interview with Pensions Minister Steve Webb, in the fifth of the ‘Saga Speaks…’ webTV series, Saga Director-General Ros Altmann interviews The Dilnot Commission author and economist about why he feels so passionate about reforming the system and what ordinary people can do to lobby the government into making effective and lasting change to the current system.

If you would like to voice your opinion then tune in tomorrow, Wednesday December 14 at 10am to www.studiotalk.tv where Andrew Dilnot will take part in a live webchat to answer your questions.

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