The Main Reasons Why iMind Is a Leader in Video Conferencing

If you want to succeed in business today, it’s important to keep up with the modern tendencies. It becomes exceptionally hard in such fast-changing business environments. However, some tools appear to facilitate this issue and make your work easier such as video conferencing platforms. The iMind platform is one of those providing the best video conferencing services for businesses.

Why is video conferencing so important?

Remote communication is an old issue making people face various challenges. They touch upon business, education, and other spheres. And nowadays, these questions are relevant as never before. Video conferencing is a tool that surpasses other means for distant communication like phones, mailing, or instant messaging.

Video meetings suggest functionality that integrates all the abovementioned functions. Opportunities for video and sound settings, chatting and file exchange, security, and confidentiality of transmitted data make video conferencing a versatile solution for multiple purposes.

How did iMind manage to profit from this tendency?

The iMind platform – is a result of numerous attempts to create an easy but reliable video meeting app. The Mind company, making its way since 2011, worked with the largest telecom organizations and developed various projects to offer their customers a high-quality product. In 2012 they managed to set a new world record with their video conferencing solution; later, they got patents for their technologies in the USA. And all this time, they worked with the industry giants to provide robust channels for remote communication.

According to the G2 reviews, the iMind platform is recognized as an industry leader in the spring of 2022.

The best features of the platform

IMind introduces various plans for different customer types to offer the best product and services. There are four: free, pro, business, and enterprise. Each suggests extended opportunities for the purposes a business may need. For example, even the free plan offers you to benefit from:

  • inviting up to a hundred attendees for a conference you host;
  • sharing the screens at the same time with the other participants;
  • unlimited conference recording and cloud saving of these recordings;
  • 24-hour conferencing with no interruptions or reconnections.

Now, complete these points with the extended security options, and you’ll understand why this company are industry leaders.

Generally, video conferencing is not a novelty nowadays. But it’s still a challenge to find a well-staffed application for a business that would be easy to integrate and use. So why search if you read this article? Go and try everything for your own experience!

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