Why Do People Risk Using Common Passwords Online?

I was just having a brief look at what was happening on Twitter and saw a Tweet from @Moneywiseonline headed ‘The worst passwords to use online’ – it worked, I was intrigued and so clicked to have a look at the full article.

I’m amazed, how can people risk their personal information and use such common passwords I wonder?

The most common passwords (which you can no doubt guess) as found by data security expert Imperva, include

  • 123456
  • 12345
  • Password
  • iloveyou
  • princess
  • abc123

With so much concern over rising cases of identity theft, how can people be so lax? Only last week we carried an article on how Brits are giving their PIN codes to others and also amending their PIN details so all their cards have the same number – might be easier to remember but so too is it for someone to then break into you accounts.

It is vital to be more careful and protect such valuable information – to help the moneywise article has more on how to ensure your password is secure.

It really is worth spending an extra moment or two carefully considering things such as this – but don’t for example make a password so difficult that you then write it down to remember it!

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