Why are customers staying loyal to the mainstream supermarkets?

Customers are largely staying loyal to the mainstream supermarkets, such as Tesco and Sainsbury, and not switching to discount supermarkets, such as Lidl and Aldi, to save money – why?

mysupermarket.co.ukAccording to research from Mintel, only 4% of people switched their grocery store this year – perhaps a surprisingly low percentage at a time when many are trying to save money.

People are more aware of prices and prmotions though, with the research showing that 54% of shoppers are buying food on special offers and multi-buys.

Perhaps this is why the mysupermarket website is doing so well – this is a site that allows you to compare prices at the four main supermarkets of Tesco, Ocado, Sainsburys and Asda.

Whether you want to compare prices of your whole shop or individual items mysupermarket helps.

Check out our article ‘Mysupermarket.co.uk review – do you really save money?‘ for more details.

Or just go directly to the Mysupermarket website.

Discounts and Offers

The supermarkets are acutely aware of having to retain their customers, offering discounts and ensuring they have ranges targetted to meet all pockets is part of this.

There’s of course the Tesco Value to Finest ranges and the Sainsburys Basics to Taste the Difference ranges as examples of different priced product sets.

The supermarkets are always offering discounts too – just checking for examples and

Until at least 24 November 2009 Tesco offers include

  • 50% off Toblerone white, dark or fruit & nut
  • 50% off Linoti Pinot Grigio
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free Cathedral City extra mature or seriously farmy
  • 50% off Tesco Finest* Irish Cream Liqueur 1 litre
  • 50% off Tesco Professional Hair Dryer

There are also some internet exclusive offers now appearing, including

  • Save £1.74 on 16 Charmin toilet rolls, now £5
  • Buy any 2 Dolmio Lasagne sauce for £3 – choose from Tomato Lasagne, Creamy Lasagne or Rosted Onion and Garlic sauces

Loyalty card schemes

Loyalty card schemes seem to be a draw and certainly the supermarkets are putting a lot of focus on these as part of their armoury to grow and retain their customer base.

For example, there’s the

  • Tesco Clubcard where you can now get Double Card points
  • Sainsburys Nectar card – where you can now get double nectar points on Sainsbury’s shopping with selected finance products

Range of products and services

The mainstream supermarkets offer so much more than groceries.

Customers can get their groceries, but so too can they can get their electrical appliances, homewares, entertainment, clothing, mobile phones and even their personal finance products.

The supermarkets make it so easy, whether online or instore.

So, why are customer staying loyal to mainstream supermarkets?

Is it down to discounts offered or loyalty card schemes? Or the range of products and services offered?

Most likely it’s down to a combination of these – coupled with a little bit of laziness or simply sticking within a comfort zone at the supermarket already known

Whatever, you can save money by comparing prices – with so many deals on offer you can often find what you want cheaper.

Using a site like mysupermarket.co.uk to help could well be worth while.

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