Who are the main UK energy suppliers?

Energy suppliers are responsible for providing your daily power consumption needs. Thus, it is important to get to know more about today’s companies playing major roles in the UK energy industry.

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Who are the main energy suppliers?

Finding the best energy deals is becoming more easy with price comparison sites such as Confused.com, so it may help consumers select a suitable company and energy plan, if they know a bit more about the companies involved.  This is particularly important with the emergence of smaller companies that are both environmentally friendly as well as offering some very good gas and electricity deals.

The ‘Big 6’ are referred as such due to their respective wide client base in most or all of the 14 regions in the UK. Among these  major energy suppliers, Southern Electric has the largest number of serviced clients, estimated at 8 million.

British Gas has initiated the recent price reductions for the supply of electricity and gas. It has lowered its prices by 10%, equivalent to £132 savings on average dual fuel bills. Other companies have also decreased their price charges, as you can see in this list:

  • EDF – 8.8% or £40 reduction on electric bills
  • nPower – 8% or £35 savings on electric bills
  • Scottish Power – £83 reduction for average dual fuel bills (7.5% or £68 for gas and 3% or £14 for electricity)
  • E.ON – 3.3% or £25 cut-down price for an average gas bill

Our ‘Who are the ‘Big 6’ UK energy suppliers’ article can give you more detailed account about their respective energy plans and background details.

New Energy Suppliers

On the other hand, there are new energy suppliers that you might not be aware of when it comes to providing affordable energy plans and quality service. The latest entrants in the energy supply industry are Ovo Energy and First Utility.

Ovo Energy

This company launched its range of domestic tariffs in September this year. It offers customers online account management and paperless billing, all accessible at their web site.

Worth noting about this energy supplier is that it has offered the cheapest plans for 12 out of 14 regions of the UK. Fifteen percent of the energy supply for these plans comes from renewable sources.

You can learn more from our Ovo Energy review to help you assess if this company has the plans and values that suit your energy needs.

First Utility

The two regions where Ovo Energy don’t have the cheapest plans are supplied by First Utility. Customers from the Midlands and East Midlands areas can benefit from First Utility’s iSAVE Online Tariff V3 plan.

Another remarkable trait it has is its being a Carbon Neutral company. This  amplifies the importance of its Green Plans such as Smart Eco 7 Dual Fuel and its other versions.

Also, its standard plans are attractive to propspective customers wanting to switch energy supplier. Perhaps it is due to its offering a free Smart Meter to customers who sign up online.

The emergence of smaller energy companies that build on their green credentials and yet offer good value energy plans is starting to provide consumers with more choice.  If you can buy cleaner energy and yet save on those monthly gas and electricity bills then it certainly pays to invest some time to find the best deals.

Comparison websites such as Confused.com provide an excellent way to compare energy costs and find the best deals.  It is then easy to switch from your existing supplier to one that maybe offers you a better overall package of cost savings and environmental benefits.

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