Who are the ‘Big 6’ UK energy suppliers

You may wonder who the major energy suppliers are in the UK today. Most probably, you already have an on going service relationship with one of them. Learn more about the ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers with our overview of their background, energy plans and company information.

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Understanding more about the major energy companies may help you decide if you should switch energy suppliers, particularly if you are interested in knowing about the green credentials of the company and their electricity and gas plans.

Description – 6.8 million customers; established in 1990 and was originally known as National Power; currently owned by Germany’s leading gas and electricity company incorporation, RWE Group
– Standard and Fixed – some are: Winter Fix, Go Fix 8, Go Save, Sign Online 24, npower Football Online
– Green Plans – Juice No Standing Charge

See all the details on the npower website.

EDF Energy
Description – own electricity distribution network; created in 2003 after French energy company Électricité de France (EDF Group) bought Seeboard, London Energy and SWEB Energy
– Standard and Fixed – more than 50 including Price Protection 2014, Price Protection 2013 and Fix for 2012
– Green Plans – Green Tariff

Get more details on the EDF website.

Description – formally known in 1990 as Powergen until German energy magnate E.ON bought it in 2002. It then assumed the mother company’s name in late 2007.
– Standard and Fixed – more than 150 including Age Concern, Electricity Discount, Energy Online Extra Saver Dual Fuel, Track and Save Dual Fuel and WinterGas, Energy Saver, Fixed Price 2009 and Capped Price March 2010 V8 Dual Fuel
– Green Plans – Go Green, Go Green Dual Fuel, GreenPlan, GreenPlan Dual Fuel and GreenPlan including Gas Guarantee

British Gas
Description – part of Centrica Group that was created following the merger of British Gas plc in 1997; it is also known as Scottish Gas in Scotland and Nwy Pwydain in Wales.
– Standard and Fixed – include OnlineSaver 5, Online Fixed, EnergySmart™ and EnergyExtra
– Green Plans – include energyshare

See more on the British Gas website.

Scottish Power
Description – more than 5.2 million domestic customers here in the UK at the same time it preserves maintenance of a large distribution network; established after state-owned Scottish electric industry was privatised in 1990; obtained ownership of the regional supplier Manweb in 1995
Plans – include Capped Price Energy, Platinum Fixed, Unifi Capped, Fixed Price Energy, Fixed Saver Energy, Online Fixed Price Energy, Simply Green, Online Energy Saver and Discounted Energy

Southern Electric
Description – under the Scottish and Southern Energy, which handles the largest distribution network in the UK, thus enabling it to service more than 8 million customers; set up in December 1998 due to the merger of Scottish Hydro Electric and Southern Electric. Since this period, SWALEC and Atlantic Electric and Gas were also acquired.
Plans – It has varied standard plans including iplan, Fixed Price Plan, Fixed Discount January 2014, Price Fix 7, betterplan, energyplus Argos, energyplus Pulse and oplan.

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As described above, these companies offer different plans and discounts so it does make good sense to look carefully at the market to ensure that you are receiving the best deal.  If you do decide to switch, read our article that shows that switching energy supplier can be easy – it really could help you to save money.

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