Where to get the best car insurance quotes

Car insurance is a must – if you drive on public roads without it you are committing an offence. But with so many providers where can you get the best car insurance quotes?

Car insuranceAs you start to try and get your insurance it may appear to be a minefield.

How can you be confident of getting the best car insurance quotes?

===== > A start might be a Google search for the phrase ‘best car insurance deals‘.

This straight away gives you a large number of car insurance providers (MORE TH>N, Direct Line, Tesco Finance etc) and Car insurance price comparison sites (moneysupermarket.com, Confused.com, Comparethemarket.com etc)

We’ll look here at the car insurance price comparison sites.

These quickly and easily help you to compare car insurance quotes.

There are many of them now, all seeking to get your business with slick services and enticing marketing messages. For example, currently the first couple of pages on Google include

  • Gocompare.com state they ‘compare car insurance quotes from over 110 insurance companies’.
  • Comparethemarket.com say ‘97% of people in the UK could save by using comparethemarket.com’
  • Moneysupermarket.com state ‘Compare over 100 leading Car Insurance companies’
  • Confused.com say ‘Buy car insurance through Confused.com for a chance to win a brand new car’
  • Tescocompare.com say ‘Compare policies by feature, as well as price’
  • BeatThatQuote.com state ‘Comapre over 65 insurers and brokers’
  • fairinvestment.co.uk who work with Confused.com for comparison quotes

With some exceptions, such as Direct Line and Aviva, the vast majority of car insurance providers are on one or other of the comparison sites, sometimes they are on multiple.

That said, none of the sites compares all the providers.

Using one or two of the leading sites, perhaps Gocompare.com or Confused.com you can very quickly get a good range of quotes, see what’s on offer and get the best car insurance to meet your needs.

If you have time check out a couple more of the comparison sites, say Comparethemarket.com and moneysupermarket.com, add in others if you have time.

Make time if you can to to check on the Direct Line website and the Aviva wesbite as they are examples of car insurance providers who do not appear on comparison sites.

Following these few steps you should have a range of the best car insurance quotes.

You may feel confident to go ahead and buy your car insurance now – particularly if you have a very good offer.

To get the best car insurance deal check out if any of the providers are offering any cashback or if any have any special deals currently running.

Car insurance companies do often have special deals to really try and catch your eye and win your business.

These though often only run for a short period of time so you need to be quick.

£££££ > Check out our latest best car insurance deals to help here.

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