Where Is Online Slot Gaming Legal?

Gambling is an important revenue source for many countries globally, while others outright restrict it in their countries. If it contributes to a thriving economy, why impose restrictions or make it illegal in your territory?

Several countries have multiple reasons to restrict slot gaming in their territory. There are other countries where citizens enjoy full freedom to play online slots such as Ninja Monkey but under strict rules and regulations.

Why Do Some Countries View Gambling As Illegal?

If you live in a country where online slot gaming is illegal, laws outlaw the activity for specific reasons. Some countries restrict gambling activities because of religious reasons, while others think it is toxic for citizen morality and psychology.

In some countries, online slots are considered sinful because of religious restrictions. Muslims or Buddhists believe any activity with betting as sin, and it’s the leading cause of gambling restriction in their country.

Some countries restrict gambling based on morality code. People get addicted to slot gaming which results in suffering financially and psychology.

It’s easy to resolve disputes where group A and B have concrete proof while in gambling, there is no evidence making the law procedure complicated.

Leading Countries Where Online Gaming Slots Are Legal

Worldwide online slot gaming is gaining traction, and the number of countries who have legalised this sector is growing every day. Below is the list of countries who have to regulate bodies for gambling and with strict laws.

The United Kingdom

UKGC is the regulatory body in Great Britain for the gambling industry. All the online slot sites have to abide by the rules set by the Commission. There are thousands of casinos working under the UKGC jurisdiction creating a great example of legalising slot gaming.

A slot machine


Japan is the gambling entertainment oasis in the territory where many nations restrict gambling activities. The country has strict rules which gamblers have to abide by for safe gambling.


Germany has robust regulations for the gambling industry to provide players with a safe platform to enjoy slot gaming. Most of the gaming software developers accept players from Germany.


Spain has legalised its gambling industry since 2011. The federal fraction regulates the gaming section providing gamblers with a safe platform to play slot games.


France legalised its gambling industry in 2010 under the French Gambling Act. The online games regulatory authority ensures players of fair gaming and transparency.

The Gambling World in a nutshell

There are 32 countries worldwide that restrict operators to carry gambling activities without a license. However, international gambling sites can offer their service to the residents. The list includes countries like:

  • Greece
  • Armenia
  • Norway
  • Canada

Thirty-two countries allow slot gaming only when they have a local license. Australia, UK, Finland and Denmark fall in this category.

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Twenty-eight countries have put bans on gambling activities or sites from local operators. However, international gambling forums can offer their services. The list includes:

  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • Nigeria
  • Brazil

There are 92 countries that neither restrict slot gaming nor issue licenses. These countries include:

  • Egypt
  • Kenya
  • Bahamas
  • Bolivia

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