When Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

Booking your holiday is invariably a wonderful thing to do, however, many people do not buy travel insurance at the time they book their holiday. Is this sensible? We take a look at when you should buy it.

Buy travel insurance

Many people get carried away with the booking of their holiday and rather ‘forget’ about the need to buy travel insurance.

With many people being hit with financial worries, more are deciding to save money on their travel budget by not buying insurance. This is a false economy.

Many delay the purchase until closer to their trip thinking that they don’t need it until then.

You really though need to consider taking out your travel insurance as soon as you’ve paid for your trip.

Be aware that if you’re buying

  • single trip travel insurance, providing the policy includes cancellation cover, you will be protected from the moment you pay
  • annual multi-trip insurance, the cover starts from the policy start date instead

Being aware of this information though is fine, but why might you need to buy your travel insurance sooner rather than later?


Consider, for example, if you have to cancel your holiday you will under certain circumstances be able to claim back the cost from your insurer. Also, some travel insurance policies will cover you if you are made redundant and as a result have to cancel your trip.

With some airlines suffering strike action it also means that if you have cover in place at the time such a strike is announced you are protected.

You might think you won’t need to make a claim and therefore don’t need cover.

For example you feel you are very careful with your possessions and are very healthy.

What happens though if you have an accident or suffer an illness whilst away, perhaps some bad food poisoning or sunburn? A visit to a hospital could very quickly cost you more than buying a travel insurance policy.

With so many providers offering differing cover it’s important to understand what travel insurance cover you are buying and not just consider that the cheapest travel insurance is the best.

Whilst not always the case, often a cheaper policy is made cheaper as it provides less comprehensive cover than a more a expensive one.

Having insurance that doesn’t provide you with the cover you need is pointless. It simply means that if you make a claim it will either not be met at all or will only be met partially.

Either way you are likely to be considerably worse off than if you bought the best policy in the first place, albeit with it costing that bit more in the short term.

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