What to Do If You’re Being Treated Unfairly at Work

Millions of people are treated unfairly at work. While the workplace should be somewhere safe, it’s not always. Many people are unfairly treated because of who they are. Others are harassed or bullied for other reasons.

The good news is that everyone can ask for help. Asking for help can be the first step to putting an end to the unfair behavior.

Make A Note Of The Treatment

One of the first things you should do is to make a note of the unfair treatment. When you document the treatment it can be used as evidence.

Make a note of any:

Be sure to make a note of any unfair treatment that you receive. Write the details down as soon as you can. Be as specific as possible as it could help. Make sure that you keep the notes safe and away from prying eyes. Make a duplicate set of notes if you need to.

Report The Treatment

If you plan to stay in your current job you should report the treatment. You can always report it if you plan to leave your position. Putting an end to the unfair treatment could prevent someone else from being bullied.

Look After Yourself

Right now, it’s very important that you look after yourself. When you’re on the receiving end of harassment you could find it traumatizing.

Looking after yourself is a good way for you to deal with what’s going on. Talk to family members and friends that you trust. Tell them what’s happening at work.

If you are on the receiving end of physical or sexual abuse you need to report it immediately. Don’t keep this kind of treatment to yourself.

If you report physical or sexual abuse the bully is more likely to be held accountable for their behavior.

Don’t Talk About It On Social Media

If you’re being treated unfairly, try not to talk about it on social media.

If you talk about your treatment online you could make it easier for the aggressor.

They could use your social media posts against you.

Stay off social media if you think there’s a chance you’ll post something.

Ask For Professional Help

It is perfectly OK for you to ask for help from a lawyer. They exist to help people deal with unfair treatment. They can:

  • Help you to understand that you’re not alone
  • Help you to feel as if you have someone on your side
  • Work to ensure that the person or people responsible are held accountable
  • Work to ensure that no one else has to put up with the behavior

While contacting a lawyer can seem intimidating it’s a good way to help resolve the unfair treatment.

If you are being treated unfairly at work you should consider doing something about it. Use the above tips to help you to look after yourself. They can also help you to take the first steps in putting an end to the behavior.

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