What Is O2 Simplicity?

If you like your mobile phone and want to keep it, yet don’t want to tie yourself into a lengthy contract then you might want to consider the O2 Simplicity plan.

O2 SimplicityAlthough the prospect of receiving one of the latest mobile phones free when you switch to a 24 month contract seems appealing, many people actually like their existing phone and are quite happy to keep it.

A Sim only tariff would seem ideal for these people and this is why we are looking at the O2 Simplicity plan in this article.

There are no long term contracts with O2 Simplicity as you just have to give 30 days notice to terminate your agreement and that is that – you are free to look elsewhere for your phone provider if you want to.

If you are prepared to lock yourself into a 12 month notice period, however, O2 will reward you with an extra 33% of call minutes each month free – see  our 12 months tariff review for more details.

With plans available for the iPhone, Smartphones and Blackberries, the monthly cost, which provides 100 any network call minutes and unlimited texts, starts at £10.21.

Those seeking more call minutes can pay £15.32 for 300 minutes, up to £30.64 monthly for 1200 minutes. There is even an unlimited call plan, although this costs £45.96 per month.

An added bonus for O2 Simplicity plans of 300 minutes or more is that there are unlimited calls between O2 mobiles and also unlimited land line calls provided free of charge too (though check the terms and conditions for which calls are covered by this offer).

Mobile internet usage is also provided under the Simplicity tariffs so iPhone 4 users who own their phones can benefit from competitively price call and download tariffs without signing long contracts.

Sim only tariffs such as O2 Simplicity are definitely worth considering if you want flexibility and yet reasonably priced call and data allowances and are prepared to keep your existing phone.

You can get more details on the O2 website.

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