What is Free Bingo?

Once a fading tradition that couldn’t keep up with modern trends, bingo is back and bringing the game of numbered balls and sultry calls to the masses. Since integrating itself into online platforms, bingo has once again reclaimed a large stake in the gaming audience, with internet-based bingo overcoming the access issues that once inhibited the classic game. In the gambling industry report of 2015/16, it was noted that online bingo was already generating over £150 million despite still being in its infancy – relatively speaking.

Now, online bingo is a force to be reckoned with as there are so many brands piling into the scene to offer their version of bingo and come out on top. The popularity of online bingo and the influx of platforms hosting the game has resulted in a tremendous amount of competition, forcing bingo brands to come up with innovative ways to be the most appealing bingo provider in the eyes of the players.

The trenches are firmly dug out on the field of welcome bonuses when it comes to online bingo competition. What started as some bonus funds claimed via making a deposit, which were often tied to unbeatable wagering requirements, have since transformed into player-friendly free bingo offers. Furthermore, some sites established themselves as wholly free bingo providers, where players can’t win any money but can play along to the games.

So, what is this free bingo phenomenon, what are the key differences to consider? Why do websites offer free bingo? And where can you play?

Key differences between no-deposit and deposit bingo games

You’d be hard-pressed to find a bingo platform that doesn’t offer some form of free bingo, at least to new players. These bingo bonus offers tend to come in one of two forms: no-deposit bingo and deposit bingo games. Obviously, the difference here is that in one version you don’t need to commit real money to the platform before you try some games, whereas the other does require a deposit.

For most newcomers, the no-deposit free bingo is the optimal way to get started. In most cases, all you need to do is sign-up to the bingo platform to get somewhere between £1 and £20 of free bingo playing time. The no-deposit bonuses do often come with tighter terms and conditions than their deposit brethren, often in the form of slightly lengthier wagering requirements or withdrawal requirements on the potential winnings. While you’re not committing real money, if you want to withdraw no-deposit winnings, it’s always best to check the terms and conditions first.

Deposit bingo games require you to make a deposit to your account, after signing-up, to gain access to a set bonus. While the bonus funds given act as a form of free bingo gaming, the fact that you have to deposit some money in the first place means that the gaming isn’t entirely free. However, the deposit bonuses are often much larger in value, coming in the form of one or several deposit-matched funds in the hundreds. The most common is the 100 per cent matched deposit bonus: if you deposit £20, you get a bonus £20 to play with as well.

Why do bingo sites offer free bingo?

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Free bingo offers have evolved tremendously over the last few years, born from the need to compete with all of the other online bingo platforms. If one website comes up with an innovative way to offer free bingo, others have to follow suit or risk falling foul of more appealing trailblazing brands. However, additional benefits come with offering free stuff to people. It’s one of the most tried and tested marketing tools in the world, with the act of giving being a powerful primer when it comes to attracting new customers and maintaining existing ones.

As a bottom line, people love free stuff. The free stuff is even more appealing in a world like online gambling where the free bingo has tangible value on the website, such as a £10 free bingo bonus giving you the chance to play £10’s worth of bingo. The word free immediately catches the eye of any bingo browser, and if they accept the offer and come to enjoy the experience, the reciprocity principle kicks in.

Humans are hard-wired to respond positively to a gift, feeling automatically indebted to the giver. While this doesn’t mean that every time you get something for free, you want to give back, it does mean that you’ll be more open to the idea of reciprocating. With free bingo games, you can get the bonus play the games, and have fun. Then, if you enjoyed yourself, because the first set of games was already free, you’ll be more open to the idea of making a little deposit to play some more – especially if the deposit is less than the stated value of the free bingo, as you’re still getting more than you give.

Where can you play free bingo games?

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Due to the competitive nature of the online bingo space, you can find a form of free gaming on almost any bingo platform. Most branded bingo websites offer free ways to play as well as paying bingo, while some other sites only offer free bingo and don’t reward money for bingo wins. When exploring the leading platforms which also offer free bingo games, you’ll find that they offer a free bingo welcome bonus, ways to play paid bingo on the site, and a small selection of free bingo rooms for all of their players to enjoy.

Many, ultimately come to play the paid bingo games but will of course take the opportunity to play for free if the opportunity presents itself. This is why top platforms offer a mixture of free rooms, free bingo bonuses, and paid rooms, in a structure that gives people the chance to try before they buy and, most importantly, enjoy themselves at all times on the website. Bingo is a game that’s meant to be fun and sociable, with free bingo games offering this opportunity to anyone who’s not quite ready to make a deposit.

Free bingo comes in many different forms with varying degrees of appeal to different people. Most importantly, it offers a way for bingo lovers to enjoy more game time and perhaps get a full house on the house.

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