What Is Blue Monday?

Apparently we are all meant to sink into gloom on Monday 17th January as a combination of woes make this the most depressing day of the year.

With Christmas cheer fading, but its financial impact lingering in the form of unusually large credit card bills landing on the doormat, and the realisation that our new year resolutions were intensions, but not actions, we are all about to be more than a bit gloomy.

The weather won’t help, of course and it is still dark in the mornings and evenings so that makes things a bit more depressing.

All these factors come together on the third Monday of January, which a psychologist from Cardiff University once described as ‘Blue Monday‘.

He backed this description up with some mathematical equations linking factors such as the weather, debt levels and post Christmas blues, and the term has stuck in the public consciousness.

So if you are feeling more than usually down on Monday, you now know why. It’s down to mathematics and not the state of your personal finances or the bad winter.

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