What Is A Vodafone Family Pack?

A Vodafone Family pack basically allows you to make unlimited calls between 4 people on Vodafone and only one of you has to pay – we take a closer look.

Vodafone Family PackThe Vodafone Family pack costs just £5 per month and enables you to make unlimited calls between 4 people who are all on Vodafone.

It doesn’t matter what mobile phone they use, basic or a smartphone such as an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, or whether they are on pay monthly or pay as you go, as long as they are on Vodafone.

Calls can be made at any time, day or night and you can chat for up to 1 hour at a time. The ‘family’ doesn’t actually have to be your family, you can if you prefer bring together your best friends, it’s really up to you who you bring into your group.

Adding or removing people is easy – do it online or over the phone. There’s no minimum contract length and you can cancel at any time.

If you want to bring together a bigger group, up to 7, you can for just £7 per month.

The important thing only one person in the group pays the monthly cost and this can be charged to a pay monthly bill or deducted from a pay as you go top up.

You can find out more details on the Vodafone website.

And Don’t forget that there are the Vodafone Freebies too where you can get something back on pay as you go.

Vodafone FreebiesBasically you get something back every time you top up.

Whether you love texting and browsing the web, talking to friends on the Vodafone network, making overseas calls to family and friends, or catching up with everyone at the weekend – there’s a free something to suit you.

Find out more about these Freebies here.

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