What Human Foods Are Safe for Dogs to Eat?

Dogs and humans have very different digestive systems, which means that you can’t just feed your dog everything that you would eat yourself. However, there are several common human foods that are perfectly safe for dogs and contain nutrients that are healthy and valuable for dogs. The problem is knowing which ones those are. Below, we have put together a quick introduction to some of the best and healthiest human foods dogs can eat safely.

Which human foods are safe for dogs to eat?

Remember, dogs should only be fed human foods in moderation to help maintain their weight – even the healthy, nutritious ones on our list!

Carrots and Apples

Carrots and apples are great, healthy foods for dogs. They work like a natural toothbrush, cleaning plaque from your dog’s teeth and promoting good dental health. Carrots and apples are also packed with vitamin A, which is an important nutrient for skin health.

Dairy products

While milk is bad for cats, most dairy products, such as milk, cheese, and plain yogurt, are safe for dogs, but only in very small quantities. Excess dairy can cause digestive problems because dogs do not digest lactose particularly well. The calcium and vitamin content of dairy products can be beneficial in moderation, however.

Fish and Seafood

Salmon, shrimp, and tuna are all great sources of protein and excellent foods for dogs. Many fish are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are very beneficial for healthy coats and skin. Shellfish such as shrimp, however, are full of vitamin B, which helps to maintain a dog’s digestive system and blood circulation. Note that you should cook fish before feeding it to dogs, as raw fish can contain parasites.

Peanut butter

Unsalted peanut butter without sugar or sweeteners is safe for dogs to eat in moderation. Peanut butter contains many nutritional elements, including vitamins E and B, niacin, and protein. However, it is important to check that the peanut butter does not contain the sweetener xylitol, which is toxic to dogs. Avoid sweetened or salted peanut butter in general.


Blueberries are safe and healthy for dogs to eat, providing fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins with a range of health benefits. Research suggests that antioxidants may help to mitigate age-related issues in older dogs.

Green beans

Plain green beans are a healthy, enjoyable snack for dogs. They are packed with protein, calcium, iron, and vitamin K. Green beans can be fed to dogs cooked or raw, but you should avoid seasoning them and chop up the beans first to avoid the risk of choking.


This is just a basic list of some of the most common foods that you can safely feed to your dog rather than a comprehensive guide. If you want a full guide, or the food you are wondering about is not listed here, check out https://www.mypetchild.com/tool/dog-food-database/ for a comprehensive list of foods that are or are not safe to feed your dogs! There are many great options not on our list here, but also many foods that can be risky or dangerous for dogs.

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