What do I need to do Before Selling my Car?

If you’re thinking about selling your car, there are several things you need to do before advertising it as for sale. Whether you want to get rid of your old car as quickly as possible or are looking to get the best possible price, following this advice will ensure you a swift and profitable sale:

Selling a car

Decide on a Price

The asking price of your car is likely to be a little more than your expecting, but try to be realistic.

Doing your research online to see what other similar used cars are being retailed at is important or ring up a few reputable used car dealers who may be interested in buying your car from you to see what the going rate for a similar make and model is.

Make Sure You’ve Got the Paperwork

Digging out all your vehicle old MOT certificates and service history records is essential as potential buyers will definitely ask to see them.

To make this easier, why not put them in order in a folder so that when different people come to view the car you can easily produce them and they can easily see your vehicles history if they have any doubts about mileage or potential faulty parts.

Clean and Tidy It

Whether you get your car valeted professionally or just do a deep clean yourself, concentrating on making it sparkle inside and out is vital.

Remember all the nooks and crannies, so be sure to hoover those crisp crumbs out and tidy the glove box and boot as potential buyers will be sure to give it a thorough once over and you need your car to look its best.

Fix Any Problems

Any problems which are likely to hinder your sale need fixing immediately.

This can be anything from bumps and scuffs on the bonnet to a squeaky brake or an unreliable windscreen wiper.

By making sure all the little things you got used to when it was your car are fixed, you’ll not put off any potential buyers and get the right price for your car.

The time and money that you invest in preparing your car for sale will all be worthwhile when you quickly find the right buyer who’s willing to pay your asking price. Not doing these minor tasks first could hinder your sale and cost you a lot of money unnecessarily.

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