What do car insurance comparison websites offer?

Car insurance comparison websites seek to quickly and easily compare car insurance quotes for you, helping you get the best cover for your needs at the best price.

Car insurance comparison websitesCar insurance comparison sites have really transformed the buying process for car insurance online.

They were established at a time when the number of online car insurance providers was rapidly growing but to compare quotes you had to enter all your details and answer questions on each site.

Taking many minutes per quote meant this was very time consuming and not a very satisfactory way of working.

So car insurance comparison sites were established – enter your details once and the comparison site then collates quotes from a range of different companies.

Try for yourself, compare car insurance quotes, you’ll see just how easy it is.

The numerous quotes are presented to you with differing information, from the price, to key aspects of the policy offered.

Whilst many people choose their car insurance based on price, it’s important to consider other policy requirements, such as a need for a courtesy car, the level of excess you want etc.

Our article on ‘Questions to ask as you choose your car insurance‘, might help with assessing your policy requirements.

Some comparison sites now focus more on the policy requirements and being able to show quotes based on features that are important for you, not just on the cheapest price.

Since the first site was established, some 15 years ago, many more have entered.  Some of the main sites are:

  • beatthatQuote.com
  • Comparethemarket.com
  • Confused.com
  • Gocompare.com
  • Moneysupermarket.com
  • uSwitch.com
  • Tescocompare.com

None cover the entire car insurance market and as you would expect some are better than others.

In some ways this proliferation of comparison sites starts to negate their value in that in order to get the best car insurance you really need to visit multiple sites.

Comparison sites receive commission from the insurance company or broker you buy car insurance from. This is not generally made clear on the sites.

Not all car insurance providers participate in comparison sites, Direct Line for example don’t. This means to get a quote from these you’ll need to use their site directly.

Recognising that there hasn’t been any real control of comparison websites a Comparison Consortium has been established.

Many of the main comparison site companies are involved in this.

beatthatQuote.com this week became the first website to get accreditation for adhering to the Comparison Consortium’s Code of Practice.

This code has been established to ensure greater clarity to customers and sites adhering to it have been confirmed to operate at the highest industry standards, giving consumers clear and transparent information.

We’ll take a look at the main car insurance comparison websites in a future article.

Meantime, be aware of how any personal information you enter into a comparison site will be used. Check whether your information will be passed onto third parties – if you don’t want this to happen make sure you opt out.

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