Weddings – When To Get Insurance

Wedding insurance is a vital part of any wedding preparations; but how soon should you take out your wedding policy? Should you be on the phone the minute your fiancé gets down on one knee, or can you wait until the day before the wedding?

Wedding InsuranceYou really need to take out a wedding insurance policy as soon as you’ve paid for any part of the wedding, so that the deposits you’ve paid are covered. Wedding insurance will protect financial investments you make, so the sooner you get protected the better.

Although the bride and groom are the most important people during a wedding, there are other significant parts to the day.

As you work your way through your wedding checklist, you will find a wedding is also about the invitations, the car you arrive in, the rings exchanged, sharing wedding cake, gifts, flowers, and perhaps even a marquee. Whilst the love the happy couple share is the most certain thing about a wedding day, these other ingredients can go astray: which is why getting insurance is a wise investment.

The first financial commitment you might make would be the invitations. The cost of wedding stationery will be covered if the wedding is cancelled or rearranged, so you won’t lose out on all those precious invitations.

You might then begin to look for a wedding dress or other ceremonial clothes for the wedding – in case of loss or theft, these will be protected three months prior to, during and up to 48 hours after the wedding.

Later, you will need to order the wedding rings, flowers, and the wedding cake. Again, these will all be protected against loss or damage up to seven days prior to the wedding and up to four hours after the reception, as long as they are safely stored by you or a close relative. Even your gifts will be protected against loss or theft.

You may want to book a fancy car for your big day and a professional photographer to record happy memories; your wedding cars will be covered if the private hire firm or individual fails to meet their contractual obligations and you will also be financially protected if the professional photographer does not turn up, or the film or negatives are damaged before copies are made.

In fact, if any of the pre-booked suppliers for your wedding fail to do their job because of bankruptcy or liquidation, your insurance will cover at least part of the cost of lost deposits or additional costs in arranging alternative equivalent services.

As you begin to plan your wedding, you will see how the deposits stack up. Keep a record of all payments and deposits you make, as well as any police documentation, medical notes or other relevant communication: you may need to submit these as part of your claim.

A wedding is an investment of love, but it is also an investment of time and money. From the moment you decide to get married, you will be making a financial commitment to each other and the ceremony that celebrates your love – so get your wedding insurance as soon as you can.

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