5 Easy Ways to Save on UK Transport

However you do it, travel inside the UK is often not easy. It can be costly, cumbersome and sometimes chaotic, if you don’t make the right arrangements in advance.

An expensive yearly ticket is off-putting. So are high petrol prices, or insurance that costs an arm and a leg before you even climb behind the wheel.

Don’t panic. There are easy options available if you want to travel cheaply using a range of transportation. This run down gives you the best of the bunch.

Go by coach

The thought of sitting on a coach may fill some of you with dread. We associate coaches with school trips, sore backsides and having a bladder of steel.

Here’s the thing. Coach travel has changed in recent years. Today’s coaches, such as those of National Express, are cool and comfortable.

Unlike a train, you won’t find yourself on the floor of a coach… in the current climate that’s always welcome. The journeys are long, but the savings are undeniable.

National Express regularly offers big discounts for advance booking and beyond.
Read here to find out more about their up to date deals.

Travel by train

To get a decent train travel experience that won’t squash your wallet, you must book months in advance. Arranging a journey becomes as tiring as the trip itself.

A railway track in the evening

This is the good news.While train tickets may be on the stingy side, travel cards aren’t. In fact they help you net some impressive discounts.

For example, the 16-25 Railcard gives young people a 1/3 off fares. You can also get deals on the price of the railcard itself, such as cashback and discounts through supermarkets.

If you’re starting to feel old, there are other age groups catered for. 26-30 is covered, as well as the Senior Railcard offering annual savings of over £100.

Take off in a plane

The quickest way to get from one end of the country to the other is to hop aboard a plane. You can do this in one of two ways.

It’s pretty simple.You can purchase a pricey ticket from a company like British Airways. Or fly with a budget airline such as Ryanair.

Flying over mountains

With both choices you save money by booking in advance. But bagging a discount isn’t as straightforward as it appears. Cheaper service means added extras.

Using a comparison site means you get a bird’s eye view of the best deal. For example, Skyscanner ensures you know your options and can make the right call.

Walk or cycle

Coming back down to Earth, there’s an easy way to save on transport with zero cost. If you can move independently, avoid catching the bus and walk instead.

Why not go one better? Get your blood pumping by using a bike. Walking and cycling are great ways of keeping both your heart and wallet in tiptop shape.

We’re not expecting you to pedal hundreds of miles, but relying on your feet rather than a gas-guzzling vehicle is good for you and the environment.

Just don’t overdo it, and if it’s a hot day remember to stay hydrated. Your body needs fuel too after all…

Insurance deals

A car or motorbike doesn’t just burn up petrol; it burns through your bank account. Though it’s a necessity for most, a private vehicle is not a great way to save money.

It doesn’t have to be like this. You may not be able to save on what goes in your gas tank, but you can make savings when it comes to insurance.

Some canny tricks include buying insurance 3 weeks ahead of the start date, describing your job differently and avoiding automatic renewal.

Best of all, you can get cashback on insurance. This means you earn money for signing up through companies like TopCashback.

Cashback is available on a range of services and products. Sometimes you can get it just by asking for a quote, so you’re literally making money for nothing!

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