Five Ways to Boost Your Car’s Performance

Sometimes running a car can feel like you are burning money the way the fuel burns in the gas tank. The range of different costs and complications leave car owners feeling that it is just too much money, time, and hassle to worry about their vehicle’s performance.

That is the wrong attitude to take though, because repairs can be a lot more expensive. There are actually a number of simple and inexpensive ways to boost the performance of your car that we will look at in more detail here.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Car Performing Well

Check its fluids regularly

When it comes to a car, fluid refers to a number of different substances designed to keep it performing smoothly. These are:

  • Oil
  • Coolant
  • Brake fluid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Steering fluid

Of these perhaps the single most crucial of all is the oil. That is what keeps the engine metal well lubricated and the friction that will be generated without it will cause serious damage.

Make sure that this and all of the other fluids are kept topped up and replace dirty oil with fresh. Opting for premium rather than cheaper oil will also keep your car at peak performance and save you in the long term.

Change worn out tires

Even the best tires will eventually become worn and lose their grip. Continuing to use them when that is the case will not only lower the performance level of the car, but it will also put you and other motorists in danger when you drive.

Replacement tires can be quite expensive, with a full set sometimes costing around $1000. There are companies that offer tire financing deals that can offset the cost of that though.

Clean or replace the fuel filter

If the fuel filter gets damaged or covered in dirt it will lead to the flow of fuel to the engine becoming restricted, which will hamper the vehicle performance. A dirty filter can be taken out and given a clean, but if the damage is more serious you may need to buy a replacement.

Check the battery

One of the most frequent reasons why cars break down on the road is that the battery has gone flat or developed a fault. Given how often this occurs, it is surprising how few drivers check the battery regularly.

Typical signs of a battery problem include a flickering light or the engine turning over sluggishly when the car is started. The battery should be replaced after three years.

Make sure the horn works

It seems obvious, but it really is important to have a car horn that works and makes enough noise. You use it to keep drivers and anyone walking aware of your presence for safety reasons, so it is a key performance issue.

Why Maintenance is Important

The need to maintain your car so that it performs at its best comes down to two factors: money and safety. We will look at each of them separately.


No one disputes that the costs of maintaining your car can be high. However, the bills for a major repair should it cease to perform because you have not taken the time and money to maintain it will ultimately be a lot higher.

Financing can let you spread some of the heavier maintenance costs, so it does not have to be a financial black hole.


A peak performance car is not about vanity, it is about safety. Problems with anything from the horn to the brakes or tires can lead to serious accidents. 

Therefore maintaining your vehicle should be viewed as a sort of unspoken commitment to everyone else on the road.

Boosting the performance of your car does not have to be a difficult process and it is vitally important.

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