Virgin Media 50Mb broadband. I want it, but can’t have it.

The news that Virgin Media 50Mb broadband is on special offer is great news if you are a big Internet user, like I am.

50 Mb broadband must be amazingly fast, and of course it really opens up the possibilities of online movie streaming and a superb gaming experience, if you are into that.

To try and get a feel for how fast 50Mb would be, I checked my current broadband download speed – 4.7Mb.

That’s not bad, actually (though sadly I’m subscribing to an “8Mb” service), however a full 50 Mb would be ten times faster.  Wow!

With the Virgin Media 50Mb broadband deal of £18 for the first three months, this is very well priced.  Their subsequent monthly price of £28 per month is still very good for those speeds.

I would subscribe to that deal today, however I have a problem.  I don’t have cable and you can only get the Virgin Media services via cable.

It will be a long time until 50Mb is available through the telephone system, although ADSL2 will allow 24Mb maximum download speeds.

Oh well, perhaps we should move to a house with cable.

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