Vintage Ski Posters Could Prove A Good Investment

It’s Monday and I’m busy here on Having written about travel insurance for holidays though, my mind started wandering to a skiing holiday, something I still have a strong desire for, paticularly this year with the snow generally so good.

Anyway, as often the case, one thing led to another and I found myself reading a thisismoney article on ‘How to invest in vintage ski poster’.

What a fascinating article.

It seems that orginally ski holidays were enjoyed by a privileged few and to entice them to the slopes, top artists produced posters for travel agents and railway stations showing ski resorts. Examples of such posters that perhaps fetched £4,000 in the late Nineties can now attract up to three times that amount.

A great investment and one that supports the whole idea that collectables really can boost your investments – and a big plus with posters is that they can be enjoyed whilst rising in value, as long that is that they are stored away from direct sunlight and behind UV-screening.

Christie’s have a vintage ski poster auction coming up and among the posters is a 1930 Sports D’Hiver poster by Broders valued at up to £6,000 and one by Francisco Tamagno from 1900 for up to £7,000.

Mind you, according to the article, the record price for a ski poster is £36,500 for a 1952 picture of a downhill race in Russia and it had a pre-auction price of just £600!!

If you’re interested in collecting ski posters, you might like to visit the Christies website for more information or visit one of the other sites dedicated to such posters, including

Just wish I had more space in my house to delve into some of these collectables.

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