VAT Goes Up And The Shoppers Slip Away

I had to pop into Argos yesterday. It’s on one of those out of town retail parks surrounded by loads of other large retail outlets.

Having been there a couple of times over the Christmas period, struggling to find a car parking space, battling my way to the tills, yesterday was like a ghost town in comparison.

I wandered into Argos, and went straight to the till to pick up the item I had reserved via ther website. Only one other customer was in the entire shop.

“It seems quiet”, I said to the girl on the till. “Yep, been like that all day”, she said.

OK it was a Thursday with dismal weather, and people have gone back to work after a long Christmas break.

But where were all the shoppers? Apparently it been very quiet like that all week.

The week in which VAT went up 2.5% to 20%.

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