The Value of Highly Engaged Employees

The archetypes of a typical employer and employee have changed, just as the approach to this relationship has been changing. Even the most profit-oriented companies care about people who work for them. It doesn’t even have to be out of the goodness of their hearts – they simply know it will benefit everyone.

Some of the experts cannot stress enough the importance of the above mentioned, arguing that one of the major concerns for any organization should be the satisfaction, as well as investment and engagement of their employees.

Although it’s not an exact science, it is believed that it can directly impact the financial status and productivity of a company. Perhaps it won’t directly add to the profit, but clearly it’s the main reason for growing revenue.

Intuitively, we can easily see the correlation between happy staff and motivated staff. And there are many ways business owners are trying to achieve that. When it’s time to let off some steam, an old-fashioned party can be the right approach. Other times, more creative ideas could be utilized to benefit from, such as various team-building exercises, boosting productivity through games, or introducing specific games that help develop certain sets of skills. Also, establishing a good healthcare plan, encouraging teamwork, and so on.

A team of employees

The real value of an engaged employee lies in certain qualities it helps to achieve. The first one is increased productivity – something that happy workers can have a positive effect on because they are doing their job in the best way they can. They are simply more motivated and dedicated to their job. 

When they care about their assigned tasks, they are involved in them even more, which affects the overall performance. With higher satisfaction from work comes the feeling of accomplishment about a career in general. When people are pleased and appreciate what they do, there is no reason for them to look somewhere else. They grow with a project and are happy when it does well. Lower employee turnover will also save money for the organization.

All of that can also improve overall customer satisfaction, as happy employees are more likely to put extra effort into assisting them, which could also help to save some money in the long run.

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