Use Your Spare Time to Earn a Little Extra Money

Has there ever been a time where a little extra cash is not welcomed? Having the capacity to earn a little extra money allows us a cushion to fall back on when times are harder or that extra money is needed for a home repair or holiday pot.


Today it is blogs that are making people money with marketing companies paying for article space which promotes their particular goods. Blogging would probably be the way to go if you wanted to make a living online, and if you are good at writing and engaging with people it’s a great way to make your wage.

Being able to engage with others online and express your thoughts and teachings to others is essential and if you think you have those skills then using a platform like to have a self-hosted blog, and with a self-hosted blog you can then begin to make some money online.

If you are not into having your own blog then you can also get paid for being a guest blogger. This is when you have your blog post on someone else’s blog. You would need to pitch your topic to the owner of the blog and if it gets accepted then it will be posted. Payment occurs when you write for a contributor blogs that pay for content.

Writing on a laptop keyboard

If this interests you more than starting your own blog then search Google for sites that pay. Some sites will certainly be of a certain niche but there could be something that sparks your interest.


You might want to think about advertising your writing skills more locally, perhaps on your social media sites or amongst friends and family. Being able to compose and write resumes, advertisements, event invitations or newsletters can prove to be profitable.

If you feel you like to write but don’t have the time to blog or guest blog then perhaps completing surveys is more up your street? You will not become millionaire overnight but you can complete when you have a few spare minutes and most pay in the form of amazon vouchers or another similar payment method.

Cash through decluttering

Our homes are also a source of money. All of those unwanted gifts, ornaments that have not seen the light of day for years and clothes that are just too good to throw or give away but that we won’t wear again. Well try selling them either on your social media sites or on eBay.
Decluttering also has a feel-good effect but be careful, as you will find yourself getting rid of things that you might just look for six months down the line!

A stack of twenty pound notes

If you are looking for some fun whilst in with a chance of winning some cash then you could do a lot worse than play at an online casino. High quality sites have a great selection of games where you can play and make friends as well as take advantage of the sites welcome offer so you don’t have to use any of your own hard-earned cash to play.

Of course, there is no saying that you will be the next progressive prize pool winner, but then again, there is no saying you won’t be either. Playing online games can be great fun and as long as you only spend within your own means then it will remain entertaining too.

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