UK electricity and gas supplier reviews – Ovo Energy

Ovo Energy is a leading independent energy supplier aiming to offer simpler, cheaper energy with great service, clear and simple information and technology to make managing your energy easier.

Ovo Energy

Established by entrepreneur Stephen Fitzpatrick in 2009, it now now has nearly 700,000 customers and some 1200 employees (1100 in Bristol and 100 in London).

In was listed as the UK’s 20th best company to work for in the Sunday Times Best Companies 2017.

Ovo Energy currently (as at 18 May 2017) has 4 Pay Monthly and 2 Pay As You Go energy plans:

Pay Monthly

  • Better Energy – Big savings and get fixed rates for a year
  • 2 Year Fixed – Zero price increases for at least 2 years
  • Greener Energy – 100% renewable energy plus 5 trees planted for you
  • Simpler Energy – Most flexible plan with no contract and no exit fees.

Pay As You Go

  • Smart PAYG+ – Top up by app, online, text and at the shop
  • Traditional PAYG – Top up at the shop

Pay Monthly customers can quickly check their balance and submit meter readings online or with a mobile app.

Pay as you go customers with Smart PAYG+ can top up by app, text or online.

Ovo Energy are in the process of installing smart meters for their customers and have already installed over 100,000.

Whilst small compared to the ‘Big 6’ energy companies, they are now one of the main UK energy suppliers, delivering great value electricity, gas and outstanding customer service.

Ovo Energy aims to make affordable renewable energy available for everyone and all their customers get 33% green electricity at no extra cost.

Use an energy comparison service such as that provided by such as or uSwitch to see exactly which energy plans are available in your area and best meet your needs.


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