UK electricity and gas supplier reviews – EDF Energy

As part of our review of the UK’s different electricity and gas suppliers, we focus this time on EDF Energy – one of the UK’s largest electricity suppliers, one of the ‘Big 6’.

Edf EnergyEDF Energy is a part of the EDF Group; one of the UK’s largest energy groups that produces one fifth of UK’s electricity needs. The main business interests of the EDF Group is in the UK, along with Germany, France and Italy.

It offers a wide array of services for home, small and medium enterprises and large businesses – these include electricity only, gas only and dual fuel energy plans.

Switching energy supplier to EDF energy could save you money, not least because they have brought in a guarantee that they won’t raise their gas and electricity prices this winter. You can benefit from competitive and stable energy prices when you need them most.

You can see all the different energy plans on the EDF website – they offer different plans to suit the needs of their different customers:

EDF Energy plans

Standard – offers a standard energy rate and flexible payment options with no cancellation fees.

Online Saver Version 7 – offers at lease 2% discount on their standard services. Available for a limited time. If you are a new customer and switch before 31 December 2010 for Dual Fuel, you’ll receive up to £100 Welcome Bonus.

Fixed S@ver – Fix your prices for a defined period and if you switch before 31 December 2010 for Dual Fuel, you’ll also get a £50 Welcome Bonus

Annual Fix Version 4 – offers fixed priced energy for a defined period but you have the option to renew and stay on this plan. Only available for a limited time

Energy Discount Plan Version 4 – offers 2.5% less than standard rates for a defined period of time. Available for a limited time.

ECO 20:20 – offers 20% cheaper electricity during nights and weekends. There’s a minimum 12 month contract.

Fixed Price 2015 – pay a fixed price for your energy until 2015, the longest fixed price energy tariff currently available in the UK, but only available for a limited period.

Green – supports renewable energy generation.

Climate Balance – offers services that reduce carbon emission and help fund carbon reduction projects.

The Online Saver Version 7 and Annual Fix Version 4 are very competitive energy plans from EDF.

The ECO 20:20, Green and Climate Balance energy plans  are offering energy with help to offset your carbon foot print thus protecting the environment and your pockets. They are also promoting renewable energy through their Eco-Renew Technology that includes solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and air sour heat pumps.

When choosing your best energy plan make sure to always consider what you really need. If you want to make sure, you can also consult the EDF free Online Energy Adviser that will answer your questions and will help you calculate your energy consumption.

You can also join EDF’s Team Energy that guides you and teaches you energy saving ideas to help fight climate change. Plus EDF have 24-hours customer service facilities.

As with the ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers, the cheapest energy plans with EDF are usually their online plans.

EDF Energy offers additional discounts for customers that agree to pay via Direct Debit. If the customer wishes to transfer to another supplier before the end of their contract a cancellation fee will be charged to them; £25 for Electricity only, £25 for Gas only and £50 for Dual Fuel.

Check the EDF website for their latest energy plans and to compare their services and offerings.

If you’re concerned about switching energy supplier, there really is no need to worry – it’s likely to be far easier than you might imagine.

EDF is the official energy utilities partner and sustainability partner of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

(Updated Nov 10)

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