UK electric and gas supplier reviews – British Gas

We start our series of UK electric and gas supplier reviews with British Gas – one of the UK ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers, offering a wide range of energy plans.

UK Energy Suppliers - British GasPart of the Centrica Group, British Gas operates as Scottish Gas in Scotland and Nwy Prydain in Wales and supplies around 50% of the UK home gas market as well as several million electricity customers.

British Gas offer a wide range of energy plans – just electricity, just gas or dual fuel plans, including

  • Capped or fixed price energy plans – capped or fixed energy prices for a defined period of time
  • Standard energy plans
  • Green energy plans for which all or at least part of the supply is from renewable energy sources

Making the switch to British Gas can save money on your energy bills.

As with the other ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers, the energy Unit Prices from British Gas vary across the different regions – it may provide the cheapest energy in one region but not another.

To make sure you get the best plan to meet your needs it’s wise to compare energy suppliers for your particular area.

British Gas can offer discounts for such as

  • Paying by Direct Debit
  • Taking a Dual Fuel plan
  • Opting for an online energy plan

Plans are regularly updated. Currently there is the WebSaver 12 Dual Fuel plan which features

  • Cheapest available online tariff
  • Get an average saving of £75 a year dual fuel against the British Gas standard tariff until 30 September 2012
  • Paperless billing
  • Cancellation fee of £30 for each of gas and electricity if you cancel the plan before 30 September 2012.

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