Top Tips to Save Money on Clothes

Whether you prefer shopping online or on the high street, there’s great deals to be had almost everywhere. Some methods may be more common and less hassle than others, but they all equal the same thing; clothing lines that cost less.

Sometimes shopping from your sofa and on the high street can combine to save you even more. Here are some top tips to get you on track.

Find designer discounts online

If your tastes are more high end than your bank balance, websites such as offer designer garments from top brands at discounted prices.

Prices are often lower than expected as the lines are out of season, or made more affordable thanks to The Outnet’s partnerships with designers aiming to reach a more mass market.

Registering with community shopping sites such as and can also be beneficial, as these sites often publicise useful pricing information and exclusive sales.

Price match to get more for your money

High street shops will often price match internet prices, but only when pressed. You can use shopping comparison sites to find the cheapest online price, then walk into your local store and haggle the price down.

It’s recommended that you print out evidence of the price you want, as the store will be more inclined to match it if they can see you mean business. And remember, each shop is vying for your custom so will be reluctant to let you leave empty handed, knowing that you’ll simply shop elsewhere.

Bulk buy for better value

Bulk and minmum price promotions are another way to get more for your money. Some retailers offer deals such as ‘three for two’ or ‘spend £xx, get x% off’.

A bargains and sales concept

Although these types of promotion can give you better value for money, it’s likely you’ll end up spending more than when buying smaller or single items, or researching smaller value discounts.

If you need to use one of these higher value promotions to get value for money on necessities such as school or family clothing, you may find them difficult to afford.

If this is the case, you could choose to use a line of credit such as a bank overdraft, short-term loan or credit card.

Voucher power

Discount vouchers are commonly found online, in newspapers or magazines, and can be used online or at traditional bricks and mortar stores.

Specialist discount and voucher sites such as offer discount codes for online shopping as well as printable vouchers that can be redeemed instore. Discounts come in different shapes and sizes too, with common offers including percentage savings on your total spend, and free delivery or money off specific items.

If you want to shop from the comfort of your own sofa, cash back sites like offer cash back refunds as a percentage of your total spend at selected retailers. You may have to wait a while for the cash back to kick in, but it all adds up.

Retro clothes, retro prices

Vintage clothing is still hugely popular, mainly because you can pick up chic clothes at a fraction of today’s mainstream price. Specialist retro retailers and charity shops exist both online and on the high street.

Finding a great deal may be time consuming, but there’s a real sense of success when you find a diamond in the rough, and you can leave the shop knowing that your purchase is one of a kind. As well as being kind on your wallet, retro shopping is also kind on the planet.

Clothes on sale

Discount stores often discount more

Outlet shops like TX Maxx and Matalan are perfect for designer lovers without a boutique budget.

Despite the more luxurious labels, prices are generally lower because the lines are discontinued, out of season or seen by the manufacturer as being low in demand. Competition from other customers is often high as popular lines have limited supply, so the shopping experience isn’t always for the fainthearted.

Floor plans are also often muddled, so you may have to invest a serious amount of time to find your bargains. However, if you’re a patient and committed bargain hunter, you’re likely to come away content.

If the high street isn’t for you, you can always shop from a discount store’s website. Most have fully transactional websites, catering for consumers who prefer to shop in relevant peace and tranquility.

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