Top Gadgets And Must-haves For The Summer (and any sunny days beyond…)

Wow! We’ve really been blessed so far this summer – it’s been a real scorcher! If you want to enjoy the rest of what’s left properly, there are a few things you might need to stock up on to make sure you have a good time and have everything you could possibly need to hand. Whether you’re getting active or simply going for a swim with your friends, there’s plenty that can make the experience better.

Decent eyewear

This one’s an absolute no-brainer – with strong rays, you need strong sunglasses to help you to carry on about your day. Whether you’re driving or just out and about, a good pair of specs to prevent against those harmful UV rays is what it’s all about. Contact lens wearer? Just remember to take extra care of your eyes during the hotter months.

If you’re a monthly wearer, consider picking up some cheap contact lenses that are for daily wear so that you can throw them out if your eyes get too tired and dry – that’s much better for your eye health. You can always buy lenses online if you’re looking to try out a more breathable brand like Everclear, which are sold on Vision Direct. And, if dry eyes really bug you, just pick up some contact-suitable eye drops.


Heading anywhere near a pool or open water this season? You’re going to want some inflatables. We’ve seen these all around this year, and the good thing is that the trend isn’t going anywhere fast. You can buy everything from giant flamingos to multi-coloured unicorns to take into the pool or the ocean with you, almost everywhere you look on the high street and online. Just remember – be aware of water safety while you’re using them.

An Activity Tracker

What with the summer months being perfect weather-wise, it’s a great time to get out and about for a walk. Activity trackers such as the Fitbit are ideal in this respect – you can track just how many steps you’re doing while you’re making the most of exploring the outdoors. They’ll also tell you how many calories you’ve burned – perfect if you’re trying to show off that newly toned body of yours in time for hitting the nearest beach.

A Solar Phone Charger

When you are trying to explore the great wide world out there, you probably want to stay connected when it comes to your phone – especially in case you get lost! These days, carrying a battery pack is absolutely essential but did you know they make solar charging ones as well? Not only do these not constantly need to be charged at the mains (so they’re perfect for camping trips and hikes), they’re also ideal for taking constant pressure off the environment as well. So handy to have!

We don’t get good weather all too often – so just make sure that you’re well-equipped enough to make the most of it while it lasts.

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