Tips to Help Sell Your Property

Selling your home is never easy, is almost always stressful and inevitably encounters some unexpected wrinkles that can derail a property sale. However, first you have to find a buyer which is why we have come up with a few tips to attract buyers to your home and then, importantly, ensure that the sale actually goes through by choosing the right legal team.

Show your property at its best

Looking at how professional house sellers present their properties for sale can give some great pointers about how much care and attention property owners should take to present their homes to potential buyers.

When a house builder has many houses on a new estate to sell, the first property they build is often a show home. Once built, they will employ a professional property staging company to come in to create enticing interior designs, rent good looking furniture, pictures and household items to the builder present the show home in a really attractive way that allows buyers to see themselves living in the house.

The stager makes sure each room has a clearly defined purpose to give the buyers a clear message about each room. For example, a dining room will be nicely laid out with a dining table, dining chairs and will probably have place settings carefully arranged as though it is ready for the dinner party guests to arrive. There is no ambiguity to that design. Double bedrooms will have carefully prepared double beds piled high with enticing looking pillows.

A small bedroom will be staged with a cot and and brightly coloured walls proclaiming that it would be ideal for a nursery or young child. No ambiguity. Just well presented and carefully designed rooms that sell a lifestyle. That allows potential buyers to dream about living in such a house.

A modern dining room

Whilst staging a property to this level is clearly impractical for home owners, there are some great lessons that can be learnt from this professional, and costly approach:

  • Keep your property clean and impeccably tidy when showing around buyers
  • Get rid of as much clutter as possible. If you can’t part with some items, put them in the loft if they are making the home look untidy
  • Keep windows sparkling clean so the light streams in making your property light and airy
  • Make sure your lawns are freshly cut and borders are as weed free and tidy as possible
  • Keep the garden as tidy as possible, so don’t leave kids bikes or toys scattered around
  • Don’t cook strongly smelling foods before buyers are going to be shown around. You want your property to be smelling fresh
  • If possible, try and give each room an identifiable purpose as you would see in a show home

The key is to allow potential buyers to imagine how they would live in your property and to appreciate that it is a welcoming and pleasant to place call home. Taking care and attention to how your property is presented could well entice buyers to chose your house rather than another one in your neighbourhood.

Take some great photos and video

The first port of call for the vast majority of home buyers is to browse a property portal. This will group houses of the same costs or attributes together so if your house is to stand out from the competition and catch a buyers attention, the photos have to be as good as possible.

A drone

If your house has great kerb appeal, make sure that first photo in your listing shows this to the best advantage. If you have a fabulous garden, then make sure it is tidy, mow the lawns, weed the borders and take some great photos.

However taking great photos does not mean using your smartphone. It means using a professional photographer who has the skills and equipment to light rooms to their best advantage, use wide angle lenses to make rooms look big and spacious, and can edit photos so they look as good as possible without being too artistic or untruthful.

You may be selling a rural property or have a large garden that can only be photographed properly from the air to show it at its best. In this case, you should consider using a drone like these: With a drone such as a Mavic 2, not only can you take great aerial photos, but you can also record professional looking videos of how your property looks from the air.

A word of caution about using a drone, however. Many countries now require you to have a licence to use a drone and there are often strict rules about taking images of other people or their property. You must also not fly too close to people. So before using a drone to photograph your house for sale, check the legal situation in your country.

Find a good property lawyer

We’ve concentrated on attracting buyers through displaying high quality photos and then ensuring that your home is presented well to them once they come and view, however one of the most crucial parts of house selling is between offer and purchase completion, which is when all the legalalities take place.

It is also the time in which many sales fall through, stress levels are high and purchase and selling costs start to mount up.

A Lawyer stamping a legal document

Although it can be tempting to use a cheap internet based property lawyer or conveyancer, depending on the property laws in your country, these services can often be less personal and be less efficient as there may not be someone taking direct responsibility for your case and timescales can slip as a result, causing more stress particularly if there is a long purchase and sales chain involved.

It may make more sense to use a local law firm instead, so if you are local to them, a Kazmi Law real estate lawyer could be the best professionals to use as it will be easy to take documents directly to them rather than email copies of confidential details, to sign documents and to discuss any issues or questions that may arise during the sales process.

Being able to proceed through the legalities of the sales process as smoothly and efficiently as possible will ensure that you actually achieve a sales completion with your buyer.

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