5 Easy Tips for Saving Money with Motoring

One thing that is overlooked by many is how much money can be saved through motoring. Whether it’s through learning to conserve petrol, car maintenance and keeping up with general wear and tear, there is plenty of money to be saved by learning some fun new facts about your vehicle. Let’s talking about 5 helpful tips to save money with motoring.

Use your car less

The easiest way to save on fuel is to simply use your car less. This may sound obvious to many but there are plenty of people that use their car, to drive to work when it’s only maybe 10 – 20 minutes away. A bicycle journey to work daily will improve your health and reduce fuel costs. The obvious downside is you will have to get up earlier and leave earlier, but maybe it’s worth it for those struggling to get the exercise time in after work as well.

If your workplace offers a cycle to work scheme, it could save you a significant chunk of cash per month.

Shift gears conservatively if you drive a manual

Although this is more common knowledge, a lot of motorists will constantly rev their vehicle up to 4,000+ RPMs before changing gear. This uses far more fuel as higher RPMs increases fuel consumption in order to accelerate you faster. The simple fix to remedy this and to save fuel is to shift earlier.

A car gear selector

Many modern cars come equipped with a gear changing notification on your dashboard which tells you to shift earlier to be economical. If your car is older and doesn’t have this feature the general rule is to shift at around 2,000 RPM, depending on how steep the road you’re on is.

Consider trying out lease and contract hire vehicles

A large majority of vehicles on the road nowadays are either leased or financed through PCP deals. This is because competition amongst car manufacturers is fierce and many have adopted to charging affordable monthly rates on even premium cars such as Audi or BMW.

It’s not unheard to see many premium cars going for under £250 per month nowadays on 2-year contracts, this can work out cheaper than purchasing a £5000 used vehicle which could possibly have hidden issues further down the line. Leasing a car could end up being far cheaper for you, so it’s worth looking into.

Turn off any unneeded electrics in your car

As much as we love using air conditioning in the Summer, it actually uses your fuel to power it. This counts for any electronic device within your vehicle that is switched on, as your car requires power to use electronics and that power comes from the battery that is charged directly from fuel.

Instead of using the A/C in Summer open your windows. Instead of using the heating in winter just wear more layers of clothing. Instead of charging your phone via usb port use a power bank. You get the point!

A compressor and tyre wrench

Monitor your cars tyre pressures more often

One thing we’re all guilty of is neglecting our cars tyre pressure check-ups. This should be done at least one per month to ensure that we’re running the correct tyre pressures as stated by the manufacturer. It’s been proven that under-inflated tyres actually increase fuel consumption and cause your car to be unsafe to drive. On opposite sides of the spectrum, overinflated tyres can cause your car tyres to wear faster and be unstable when driving at higher speeds.

Simply put, driving with the correct tyre pressures saves you on fuel and extends the life of your tyres significantly. It’s easy to find out what the correct pressures are for your vehicle. Just check your manual under the wheels section, or Google your cars make and models correct tyre pressure.

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