5 Tips for Throwing an Office Holiday Party

Is it your job to throw this year’s holiday office party? What a responsibility! Of course, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed, but don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. After all, people work hard and any opportunity to relax is welcomed! Here are some ideas for throwing an unforgettable office holiday party this year:

Schedule the party date

The holiday season is a busy time for everyone, so you want to be sure that your team is in town for the event. Schedule early on, such as around late September or October, as most people start planning travels for the holidays around then.

Additionally, you want to plan ahead because finding the right location could be more difficult as the season approaches, with many companies throwing holiday parties at the same time. You’ll want to consider throwing the party on the earlier side of December, as this is typically when your employees will still be in town.

Pick a theme

Choosing a theme for the party can make it a really fun one, bringing out the personalities of your whole crew! From ugly sweater parties to fun onesies, or simply a costume party with characters from people’s favorite books, or choose Masters of Mystery for exciting murder mystery game themes where everyone must come in a suggested costume. There are a plethora of ways to make a party a unique one that won’t soon be forgotten. It sure will be fun to see the creativity that your team puts into costumes—from unicorn costumes to superhero suits, these outfits will really bring out everyone’s unique personality.

Hire a catering company

The best thing you can do to ensure success at your party is to hire a top catering company. After all, trying to come up with the best food and drink for a company full of people can be time-consuming and nearly impossible. Because it’s a busy time of the year for catering companies, make sure you hire them well in advance so you can book the best option.

Cater to various needs

There may be some vegans in your company or those who love their meat. So, with varying types of diets and preferences, it’s a good idea to purchase food and drinks that are designed to suit a variety of preferences. After all, you’re throwing a party to make sure your whole team has a great time, so make sure to find out what your staff prefers in the way of nutrition and make it work.

Pick a great spot

If you have a location included in the party budget, finding a spot that is outside of the office can be a fantastic idea. Not only does it provide you with the option of throwing a party at a cool outdoor venue, but it also helps your team relax and enjoy themselves, as being at the office may feel like they’re at work.

It’s time for your employees to enjoy the holidays, so consider booking a location for the party months before the holidays. Booking a location in advance can help ensure you get a good spot for the holiday fun! Plus, booking a venue in advance means you won’t have to deal with any last-minute headaches—instead, you can spend your time socializing and taking part in the fun!

In Conclusion

Go all out—if your company budget allows for entertainment and class, make it happen. Your team works hard, and a holiday party can be a perfect way to show them just how much you appreciate them. Whether you need to hire a professional party planner to help or you have it all under control, think about what your team would love for the holiday and make it a reality!

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