Tips for Teenagers Seeking Fashion on a Budget

Gone (mostly) are the days when teenagers would rummage through piles of clothes at charity shops and car boot fairs looking for cheap, but fashionable clothes. Today’s teenagers have some great opportunities to be on trend and fashionable without spending a fortune, so here are some great tips to help them achieve their fashion aims.

Ask for a discount

There is a great saying that “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”. This applies to many walks of life, but is particularly applicable when looking for shopping deals.

Many clothes shops have been closed during the recent Covid lockdowns so as normality slowly returns, shop owners will be keen to attract more customers and restore their businesses to pre-covid levels. Competition for customers on the high street will be intense, particularly as many consumers have been buying most of their clothes online during the pandemic and need to be tempted back onto the high street for their fashion needs.

It is likely that fashion shops will lower their prices with sales and lower prices, so these will present a great opportunity to snag a bargain. However if you see something that you really like, but feel that it is just a bit too expensive, why not ask the shop owner, or manager, for a discount?

It may feel a bit cheeky, but as long as the shop still hits their profit target for that item, there is a chance that they will agree to a price reduction. This is a win for them, and definitely a win for you!

Many online fashion retailers will offer price matching so always look out for that even if it may take a while to find the lowest price and then request that another retailer matches, or better still, beats that price to win your business.

Look for secondhand items

The pandemic has curtailed all those parties and balls that millions of teenagers had planned, but once it is safe to party again, you can be sure that calendars will once again be filled with parties, balls and festivals. Demand for party frocks and fashionable clothing will soar, but if you want to be on trend for the minimum cost, then you should consider looking at secondhand party wear, once pre-loved clothing shops and even charity shops re-open.

There are great bargains for once expensive fashion available from these pre-loved outlets, but you have to be selective and make sure that what looks like a great bargain, actually is. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to buy cheaper items such as tee shirts from these outlets, when you can click here for excellent tee shirts online. However if you are lucky enough to find a pair of expensive designer jeans for a great price in a pre-loved clothes shop, then that is certainly an opportunity not to be missed.

Remember jewellery and accessories

It is often said, that is is jewellery and accessories that complete the look, so don’t forget to find reasonably priced earrings, necklaces and bangles to add that final boost to your appearance.

Buying jewellery and accessories online is of course a great way of finding a great deal, but remember to take into delivery costs into account. Another point to remember is to look at the returns and refunds policies as some online suppliers are reluctant to receive returned stud earrings because of infection risks, particularly during the pandemic.

It can be fun finding jewellery by wandering around local markets. Local small scale manufacturers often sell their products from market stalls so you may find a bargain and something a bit unusual that is not available from the big online retailers.

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