Tips for choosing a mobile broadband package

Mobile broadband gives freedom to go on line pretty much anywhere and is a great option for students or indeed anyone out and about – but how to choose a mobile broadband package?

Mobile broadband

Firstly, the cost of mobile broadband has come down considerably over the last year, making it a viable option for many. offer some good tips when choosing a mobile broadband package:

Consider a broadband pay monthly option as a start to see that you’re happy with the service and make enough use of it – all the main providers offer this, including 3 or O2. If you are happy you can look to signing up for a longer term and get a better deal.

Be aware of pay as you go broadband – it may be the best option for you but you’ll need to be very careful over what data download you need, not least because invariably you can’t carry any that’s unused from one period to the next.

Make sure you don’t exceed your data download limit – if you do this can be expensive as you incur penalty charges

Consider your data sownload usage profile and if you really are a heavy user, downloading a lot of TV shows, music etc it may be better to consider a fixed line broadband service. You may find our article ‘Mobile Broadband – what data limit do I need?‘ useful

If you plan to use your mobile broadband connection abroad – be aware of the costs, they can quickly add up

Make sure any ‘freebies’ offered really are ‘freebies’ – the offer of mobile broadband with a ‘free’ laptop may sound really attractive but is it? How much would the mobile broadband and laptop cost if they were bough separately?

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